Sunday, September 16, 2012

Small Criticism of the Romney Campaign

I don't know if anyone from the Romney campaign reads this site. I hope so. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an avid defender of Mitt Romney. I think that if given the chance, he will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in American history. Right there with Reagan, or better.

However, he has to become President first. September is half gone. October is only 30 days, then Nov 6th, is just a week away. 49 days left. All of his avid defenders said, just wait. Wait until after the conventions. Mitt will open up then.

We know that of the swing states, Ohio is one of the biggest. The Cleveland Browns were playing the Cincinnati Bengals today. Two major markets in Ohio. Pretty much the entire state would be watching that game. It was reported that the Obama campaign had at least one 1-minute ad during the game. Romney had zero. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!

The NFL is broadly accepted by both Republicans and Democrats alike. It is a very blue-collar type of game. These are the voters Mitt needs in Ohio, especially. This was a missed opportunity.

Now, for a dose of reality. In the grand scheme of things, it may not be that big of a deal. Obama is doing a fine job shooting himself in the foot. But if no one sees that he's just shot himself, did it really happen? We know the media will not report the facts of the recent international mess in such a way to make the President look bad (unlike what they did to President Bush.) So, Team Romney, tell the story!

I am patient. But when a one-off opportunity presents itself, attack it! And this Browns/Bengals game would have been a perfect opportunity. In my opinion, of course.


MrX said...

Most people only pay attention to politics the last two weeks before the election. Yes, TWO weeks. Most undecided decide the day before or the day of the election.

So as to the ads... you need to buy them in advance. Normally, one campaign would try to buy out the ad space so that the other side can't buy any. If the money game is played correctly, Romney will have all the ad space in those critical last two weeks.

Obama tried to eliminate Romney during the summer. That's the way he likes to play politics. Didn't work. This is now all about Ohio. So you're 100% right on that point. I've been looking at the polls and I believe Romney is already above 50%. He's above 50% in all the polls if you use the DRI split of 2010.

I think this far out is WAY too early to panic. Romney does have ads in all the swing states and it's only going to ramp up as we near election day.

Anonymous said...

Obama will win. Romney and his rich team suck! hahaha


newark hawk said...

I never cease to be amazed at Republicans who complain about mainstream media bias, spin and outright lies, then proceed to swallow hook, line and sinker polls that are produced by this very same mainstream media.

As Dick Morris, Sean Hannity and others - - have repeatedly pointed out, mainstream media polls are rigged in Obama's favor by oversampling Democrat voters and undersampling Republican and Independent voters.

Which brings to mind the old proverb: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

Wake up, Republicans, wake up.

newark hawk said...

As the Breitbart article explains, Romney is CRUSHING Obama among Independent voters, who comprise almost a third of the national electorate.

Whichever candidate wins the Independent vote wins the election, since Republican and Democrat voters tend to cancel each other out.

Which brings to mind another old proverb: "It's the Independents, stupid."

Anonymous said...

Panicville in Romneyland, Panicville in Romneyland!!!!!


Machtyn said...

Newark, you have a fair point. However, turnout also matters despite the indie vote.

The nice thing is, there are a decent number of D that are going for Romney. Obama keeps splitting his base. He's losing the Jewish vote, Catholic vote, black evangelist vote (SSM issue).

Don't get me wrong, Romney won't get a majority of some of these subgroups, but he can peel away enough to make a difference.

Final point, I am certainly no fool of the polls. The polling groups are generally using 2008, or higher D, DRI samples. If the election were today, Romney wins by 1% - 2%.

Anonymous said...

why would romneyland panic? they are winning. You obviously think so or you wouldn't have to come here to root for your failed leader who is going to get kicked out on the curb and his ego will come crashing down around his big ears in November. Will be a great moment. I can see the tantrum and the demands of recounts in a not so close election now.....

Nina said...

I am GETTING TIRED of people giving Mitt Romney their UNSOLICITED advice. Either Mitt knows what he is doing or he doesn't. Either he saved the Olympics or he didn't. Either he resurrected the State of Massachusetts or he didn't. Either he started a business which to this day has created or saved tens of thousands of jobs or he didn't.


newark hawk said...

@ Machtyn

My analysis has Romney winning by 5-10 points if the election were held today, due to his big advantage among Independent and undecided voters.

Historically, the vast majority of undecided voters end up voting for the challenger, not the incumbent, in presidential elections.

If the first 44 months of Obama's presidency haven't convinced undecided voters to re-elect him, the next 7 weeks of his presidency won't convince them either.

Also playing to Romney's advantage is the fact that the 10% of voters who are undecided are going to be heavily influenced by the forthcoming debates and onslaught of campaign advertising, where the former governor has a significant messaging and financial advantage.

By election day, I fully expect Romney to be up 10-15 points, regardless of what the mainstream media polls say.


I could cite numerous other examples of mainstream media polls that were incredibly generous to Democrat candidates, including Romney's own run for Massachusetts governor in 2002 where HE TRAILED HIS DEMOCRAT OPPONENT BY 5 POINTS ONE WEEK BEFORE WINNING THAT ELECTION 5 POINTS!!!