Friday, August 3, 2012

Ten Governors rally for Mitt Romney in Basalt, Colorado (Full Video 08-02-12)

Mitt Romney shared the stage today with ten Republican Governors in Basalt, Colorado. Each one of them spoke of reasons why they support of Romney for President.

The Governors came over from a Conference in nearby Aspen to speak in Romney's behalf:

Governor Bob McDonnell (VA)
Governor Chris Christie (NY)
Governor Rick Perry (TX)
Governor Susan Martinez (NM)
Governor Jan Brewer (AZ)
Governor Matt Mead (WY)
Governor Bobby Jindal (LA)
Governor Nikki Haley (SC)
Governor Mary Fallin (OK)
Governor Gary R. Herbert (UT)

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Sharlene, Mom, Grammy said...

Thanks! This was great. What a powerhouse those governors are. Excellent speeches by each one.

Unknown said...

Psh, I WISH Christie was the NY gov.

Donna from CA, a Democratic State said...

Enjoyed hearing those 10 governors speak, go Mitt, GO!! You've got my vote in November! Hoping for some real HOPE and CHANGE, I'm tired of the present administration's idea of what that is supposed to be!

Anonymous said...

It looks as though the main stream media is putting their full efforts into ignoring as much Romney news as possible (save anything they see as negative). They really have no other choice. Their attempts to defame him thus far have proven fruitless.

I heard virtually nothing in the main stream media about this powerhouse gathering in Colorado.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Phil. Even Fox News only mentioned this in passing.