Friday, August 3, 2012

Mitt Romney campaign rally in Golden, Colorado (Full Video 08-02-12)


Romney's Speech:

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Anonymous said...

Great speech! Love the enthusiasm with the crowd. So much for the "can't connect" crap that gets thrown about in the media.

Anonymous said...

I agree. This was one of Mitt's best rallies.

BTW, the crowd was just as large outside as well. Romney felt bad that there wasn't enough room inside and decided to speak with them outside. My gues is there were at least 5,000 people there.

me said...

I post on your chat box and I'm sure that I'm speaking for everyone else in saying thanks for your work on this site.

BOSMAN said...

Thanks me....somehow, that doesn't sound quite right.

GetReal said...

Thanks for the video, Bosman. Hell of a speech!