Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney-Ryan 2012: "It's Time For America's Comeback Team"

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Although Paul Ryan is just one year older than Marco Rubio, he looks at least 10 years older than the baby-faced Florida Senator, and for that reason has much better chemistry with Romney on the campaign trail.

Romney & Ryan look like big brother & little brother, whereas Romney & Rubio looked like father & son.

As a 7-term Congressman, author of "The Ryan Budget" and intellectual leader of the GOP, Ryan has the all-important gravitas necessary to run for national office - gravitas that Rubio clearly lacks as a newly minted freshman Senator.

I doubt that Rubio was ever seriously being considered for VP by Romney, due to his obvious youth & inexperience.

Perhaps after 8 years of a Romney Administration and 8 years of a Ryan Administration, Rubio can make a run for the White House.

But only if he retracts his support for The Dream Act and amnesty for illegal immigrants.