Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Official: Romney/Ryan 2012 (Full VIDEO of the Entire Event 08-11-12)

The video of the entire event is posted last.

VA Gov Bob McDonnell's Introduction of Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney speaks and Introduces Paul Ryan:

Paul Ryan's Speech:



I will be posting the Complete videos of the Ashland and Manassas Rallies after midnight tonight (08/12/12).

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Anonymous said...

Very, very disappointed in the Ryan pick by Romney. And to do it on McDonnell's home turf! It's insulting. How about rolling out the ticket in Wisconsin, a state Mitt will not win. But he's just forfeited Virginia, a necessary state.

Romney-Ryan: Father-Son. Bad optics. Mitt's grandkids playing with Ryan's kids. Give me a break.

Ryan was pushed by the same people who despise Mitt and don't want him to win. For them (Kristol, Krauthammer, Nat'l Review, WSJ) -- it's all about setting Ryan up for 2016.

Mitt, you really let me down. I think this may cost you the election. Sad to see it. The election is NOT about big ideas. It's about WINNING, and Ryan isn't what you need.

Doug NYC GOP said...

The above comments are TRASH and should be ignored by any serious Romney supporters.

The gutless wennie couldn't even put their name to their words.


Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly support this choice for Vice President! People who would vote for Mitt Romney because he's our turn-around guy for the economy can also trust that Paul Ryan will be competent on the economy in the event that he's required to take over the presidency. Since Romney will be our first Mormon president, and death threats will be out there, I'm satisfied that his successor would be just as fiscally conservative and intelligent as Mitt himself is. Since Paul Ryan actually has more experience in Congress than former Senator Barack Obama, the left's "not experienced enough" narrative just won't stick. Paul Ryan's youth will be a boon, especially with younger voters coming out of college to find the job market less than prime.

This is going to be awesome! I'm energized!

-Katrina, fiscal conservative above all else

Anonymous said...

I think Ryan will be fine.

This will sound wierd coming from a bean counter of all people, but I think Romney could help himeslf by actually looking at the people he's waving to. As I watched the event, I got a "detached" feeling that they were just waving hands while looking elsewhere or talking to each other. It's a small thing, but it would help counter the the out-of-touch theme Obama's pushing. Just take a moment and look right at the individual you are waving to, just for a second. Pretty simple, but meaningful to the person you are looking in the eyes, as well as those watching.

Lori Patriot said...

Regarding the Anon (MR MR) post from above: National Review and Charles Krauthammer love Mitt. Bill Krystol's opinion in irrelevant since he said the Arab Spring was not going to be bad (300 killed) and the Muslim Bro would not be "elected".

As far as picking Ryan, it was sensible and safe. The conservatives love him, he is ELIGIBLE, he has been a bull dog on spending and coming up with ideas to save America, he is a good and faithful man AND he is young. West was the logical choice as he would bring in military, south, people of color and Florida BUT THE MODERATES in Mitt's team successfully poo pooed him. They were worried about his reputation for telling the truth and they typical "Uncle Tom" remarks that the Left would spew.

Romney & Ryan will do just fine. After all, it was mostly the Anglo Saxons and Irish that built this country. Let's take it back.

Terrye said...

I like the pick and I doubt that McDonnell is so petty that he feels miffed and I doubt very much if the people of VA are that petty either.

Romney and Ryan are two fine men and they would be a big improvement over what we have no...not even close.

Doug NYC GOP said...

If you watched any of the rallies today, it is quite evident McDonnell and Virginia are NOT at all petty.

Great pick.

Be confident and strong.

BOSMAN said...


I will be posting the Complete videos of the Ashland and Manassas Rallies after midnight tonight (08/12/12).


Although Ryan was not my top choice for VP -McDonnell was - I have to admit that Ryan is an excellent choice.

Ryan has already unified the GOP behind the ticket, and greatly increased its enthusiasm level as well.

Ryan ensures that Wisconsin will be a red state in 2012, and significantly improves the GOP's chances in the entire Midwest, especially the Upper Midwest.

Ryan strongly appeals to young voters and female voters, two of Romney's weaker demographics.

The proof is in the pudding: Ryan is a highly popular 7-term Congressman in a historically Democratic district, where he succeeded 10-term Democrat Les Aspin.

As for McDonnell, today's events in Virginia suggest that he was Romney's 2nd choice - a VERY CLOSE 2nd choice - for VP.

McDonnell was a 100% class act today, and should be rewarded for his loyalty with a Cabinet position in the Romney Administration, perhaps as Secretary of Defense.