Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Response for Those Who Think Republicans Prevented Unity

In response to a facebook commenter who hadn't yet made up their mind whether or not they would be voting for Obama again, I made the following arguments. I felt they were good enough to post here. I am also willing to take some criticism on the argument. I would like for this argument to be a rock solid response for anyone who claims that the President hasn't gotten any support from the Republicans. Many times, Republicans have come to the table to hash out disagreements. What were the results?

I put this out there for some context for you to consider with Obama and the "cooperation" he has received. Back in 2009 when they were hashing over the details of the stimulus package which was "designed to promote bipartisanship" (Weisman, WSJ) (most of which went to Obama donors and green energy companies, and lot of them having folded, bankrupted, and executives under investigation) Obama told the group of Republicans (Washington Post), "I won. I don't have to take your ideas." This was a very arrogant response and did not engender any feelings of unity and cooperation.

Then, in 2010, the Republicans were invited for a very public meeting to hash out the PPACA. After some discussions, when it was McCain's turn, he opened up with a complaint that the PPACA was being hashed out behind closed doors. Obama's response (CBS News), which seemed to me very rehearsed, something he wanted to say for a long time, "we're not campaigning anymore. The election's over." Again, very pompous and arrogant - did not engender feelings of unity and cooperation.

Sure, the Republicans, in response to their constituents, have put up roadblocks with regards to the PPACA. But when it came to budgets, they've all put forward their plans, Obama's have been summarily rejected by ALL members (got a 0 vote on his last budget proposal), and we haven't had a budget since 2006 when the Democrats took control. The last time we had a balanced budget was when Bill Clinton was in office. And, surprisingly, Newt Gingrich and a Republican Congress were creating these budgets.

Unfortunately, at this point Obama is a lame duck President. He entered office continuing his campaign, spent some time vacationing while he told Congress "get 'er done," took a world tour bowing to our enemies and criticizing our friends, appointed criminals and tax dodgers to cabinet position, encouraged revolutions in various countries while failing to encourage the Iranian uprising, failed to keep most of his campaign promises, took 5 months to finally make the call on bin Laden (but he did, good for him), spent just as much time golfing as he has meeting with his economic advisory panel, and finally starting his campaign again in earnest last year.

There is plenty of blame to go all around for the current economic situation and federal debt our country is in. Ill advised decisions as far back as the 90's can be directly attributed to the housing bubble burst of 2008 (which we are still recovering from), but Mitt Romney KNOWS economics and how to turn large organizations around. He proved it by Conservatively running MA with an 85% liberal Democrat, veto proof, legislature. He's proved it by turning the Olympics around. He's proved it by turning failing businesses around. In every situation, he's had to bring antagonistic parties together to achieve cooperation for a common good. He has been wildly successful.


Anonymous said...

He left MA with the lowest job growth rate in the country, raised fees to the largest extent in MA history to supplement taxes that he did not have the cajones to raise, left the state with the largest deficit of any governor in MA history. He turned companies around by firing employees and rehiring them at lower wages or shipping their jobs out of the U.S. I havecutting heard of jobs t already existed that he "preserved" by cutting wages and benefits and I have heard of jobs that he created in third world countries but I have never heard of a job that he created in the United States. He wants to be president ogf the U.S. but he invests his money in other countries. He only cares about the rich and powerful. I will never vote for him.

Anonymous said...


How much does axelrod pay you to post Obama talking points on the weekend? You do realize that Obama has been president for the past 4 years and he has increased the deficit by 5 trillion and unemployment is climbing again and the economy basically sucks??

Anonymous said...

Most of what anon said is a lie and people in Massachusetts like RomneyCare and they hate ObamaCare. That says it all.

Americans sent 2010 Landslide of Republicans TO STOP that maniac Obama. We had a 2010 landslide because we wanted that lunatic stopped from destroying our country, and cramming ObamaCare down our throats against our Will.

A lot of Democrats sent those Republicans to stop Obama. It was not only Republicans for were voting for Republican Landslide. In 2010 areas that had not been red for more than a hundred years voted Republican for the first time. Obama popularity lasted about as long as he was a msm "moderate" myth. Scrutiny sank his fake "charisma" boat.

Obama has a radical extremist past and record. The more Americans learn about Obama, the more they disapprove of him.

Obama so unpopular that Queen of England didn't invite Obama to the wedding of Prince William.

Not only is Obama not the genial phony msm sold to America in 2008, Obama is the Fast and Furious, David Axelrod, Eric Holder, and Rahm Emanuel foreign bully msm hid.

Americans are sickened with Obama for his "felony" attack on Romney and his lies about the Churchill bust. WH right now of the House of Liar.

Obama worse than disgusting when he made a high crime out of doggie care. Very stupid to throw stones when you are in a glass house of being a dog eater.

Machtyn said...

first anonymous, I will give you 1 word staples. do you want more? the home depot, domino's, sports authority, and about any other companies, all employees domestic employees. now, if you can figure out how to employ people to deliver pizzas from india, watch their children from africa, or sell sports equipment from europe, you will have a multi billion dollar industry.

you do have a point about the fees. But I would rather have a person using the product pay for the product than for me to have to supplement that product and never use it. and if I happen to be using that product then I would be glad to pay the extra fees than to have extra taxes taken out for something I never use.

finally, I would rather have a job paying me a smaller wage than to have no job at all, getting paid 0. granted I would rather have neither situation, so I would be in the stress and find myself a different better paying job. That is how capitalism and free market economy works. sometimes the tough decisions have to be made in people have to be fired, wages or benefits reduced, or shutter the doors and close the company. but an investor never makes money on a company that goes under.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks for these reminders of BHO's actions!