Friday, July 20, 2012

There are Several Lawsuits against Obama's HHS Mandate (Interactive Map)

The Obama administration is facing growing resistance to its anti-conscience mandate two weeks before the policy goes into effect. Yesterday evangelical Wheaton College announced it was joining a lawsuit against the mandate. Last week another Illinois institution, Catholic Charities of Chicago, sued the administration.

The Department of Health and Human Services mandate becomes official on Aug. 1. It requires employers to cover abortion drugs, contraception and sterilization, even if they have religious or moral objections. The administration’s so-called “accommodation” has failed to address the concerns of organizations, prompting the rash of lawsuits attempting to overturn the directive.
The full story is HERE.

Here is an interactive map that shows you the various cases across the country:

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newark hawk said...

Well, I guess we can thank George W Bush for Obamacare(see Roberts, John - nomination to Supreme Court).