Friday, July 20, 2012

President Obama hangs out with a King of Outsourcers

So I guess this makes President Obama the King of Hypocrites.

For the past month we've heard nothing but false accusations from Team Obama accusing Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs at Bain Capital after he gave up control of the company to save the Olympics. Obama tried his best to make his claims stick and to convince voters that Romney was a living version of the fictional Gordon Gekko. Of course Obama's claims were proven false by several fact checkers.

Now we find out this:

He attended a fundraiser after bashing Romney again in Austin Texas, hosted by Tom Meredith:
In 2001, while serving as senior vice president of Dell Computer Corp, Meredith defended plans to lay off between 3,000 and 4,000 employees — largely in Texas — while sparing about 4,000 jobs in Asia Pacific. When that strategy was reported by the tech press at the time Meredith defended the move.

"We will be ruthless in how we address our cost structure," Meredith said, a comment that drew wide attention at the time.
The full story is HERE.

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Obama outsourced NASA to Russia.

Obama's jobs czar - Jeffrey Immelt - outsourced thousands of General Electric jobs to Europe.

Obama Motors - aka General Motors - outsources thousands of jobs to every country under the sun.

Yes, Obama is indeed the Outsourcer-In-Chief.