Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mitt Romney will meet with Sheldon Adelson during Israel visit

When Mitt Romney arrives in Jerusalem this weekend for a round of government meetings with Israeli and Palestinian officials, a key group of American supporters will be waiting nearby, including the billionaire Sheldon Adelson and other top Jewish supporters traveling from the United States.

The Romney campaign invited Mr. Adelson and other leading contributors to be on hand for Mr. Romney’s visit.
A friend of Mr. Adelson confirmed that he is planning to fly to Jerusalem this weekend, where he and other major donors will meet with Mr. Romney and attend a fund-raising event at the King David Hotel.
The full story is HERE.

In a related story, Adelson is about to spend millions of dollars on a campaign to win over Jewish voters to Romney's side:
A Republican group backed by the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is starting a new effort in battleground states to win over Jewish voters who could be persuaded to turn away from President Obama and support Mitt Romney.
The group, the Republican Jewish Coalition, plans to begin a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign in the coming weeks called “My Buyer’s Remorse,” targeting voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, aides said. The campaign uses testimonials from people who say they regret supporting Mr. Obama because of his economic policies and his posture toward Israel, in hopes of cutting into the wide advantage Democrats have held over Republicans among Jewish voters.
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Here is the latest RJC ad:

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Bob said...

If Romney could eat into Obama's Jewish support and garner 30% of their vote, in a close election, every vote counts