Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cheapskate Unions offer dinner for 2 for information on Romney's London fundraiser locations

Two unions representing members in four different countries offered a reward today to the person who can reveal the location of Mitt Romney’s fundraiser in London and thus enable them to protest his campaign.

The unions offer “a dinner for two in London at a American style restaurant” to the person who tells them where the Romney fundraiser will take place.
The full story is HERE.
Dinner for 2...Are you kidding.

How about a Vegas Junket? Maybe an Orlando get-away. For that kind of information, you should be treated like a union official. After'd think you were spending your own money rather than just your memberships....Dinner for 2...NO WAY:

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1 comment:

Bob said...

I agree. Information like that should at least be worth the use of a Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac Escapade for a month or more. One of those union bosses needs to donate one of theirs for the good of their union brothers.