Friday, July 6, 2012

Mitt Romney reacts to the June 2012 Jobs Numbers (FULL VIDEO w/Q&A 07-06-12)

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Anonymous said...

Irritating to hear these reporters and their questions at times....seems like they are there to try to defend Nobama....but at the same time it gives Romney a chance to dispel their any myths and the people a chance to hear his great plan and vision for America. Go Mitt!!!


Anonymous said...

Romney is getting a lot cockier lately in his press conferences.

I hope he keeps this up.

Anonymous said...

Romney was strong and firm,it looks like the vacation recharged his batteries.

Machtyn said...

Oh WHAT kind of STUPID question was that about vacations? Seriously? Romney has taken 2 vacations in over a year's time. Christmas and the few days this week.

What's that? Romney is actually entertaining interviews with CBS, allowed cameras to follow him at a parade and other family events, and is now holding a press conference, all while he is on "vacation."

Contrast that with Obama's once a month or more vacation time. While the President is never on vacation, Obama's constant time outside of DC is just a little more force on the nail that Obama isn't Working. In an obvious contrast, Obama had to be dragged off the golf course to handle his responsibility with regards to Osama bin Laden.

Anonymous said...

Romney's performance here is great; compare to obama's. His outline for increasing growth by reduction in taxes & regulations is the correct prescription to get the job done. Additionally, a steady, consistent tax policy with rates that remain fixed is required to allow businesses to plan. Rates that yo-yo up & down are the worst thing besides not knowing where tax rates will be in the future.

Gov't needs to increase the velocity of money encouraging demand by instilling confidence in job growth. Obama only talks about 'security,' but never offers solutions. As a Marxist/Socialist he can't. That's way over his knowledge, instead he's "Betting on America." Gambling on the Nation's future is not a strategy for success!

"History is a catalogue of solutions."

~ Martin Armstrong

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% certain I could listen to Mitt for the next 4+ years as POTUS. He's prepared, convincing, earnest, specific, and determined. Contrary to what the D.C. Insiders have been yelping about during the past couple days, he's a marvelous Presidential pick. He's slow to anger, but when he does get mad he's relentless. This trait will become clearer to more and more voters over the next few months.

Hopeful, confident, committed.

jm said...

I agree. Mucho presidential. A stellar pick.

I thought he answered the vacation question beautifully. Families and memories. And jobs to support them. He made fools of them in his genial way. It will be fun watching this president with the press who started off on the wrong foot bashing him around the clock.