Friday, July 6, 2012

Mitt Romney breaks a GOP fundraising record

Mitt Romney has been a busy man over the month of June, raising more money in a month than any GOP candidate has ever raised. In fact, only Barack Obama raised more money as a candidate back in September of 2008. BEFORE everyone got to know him better. Those fundraising days are only a dream for him now.

Romney raised $100 Million in June. This follows a %76.8 Million haul in May.

These numbers have put the President in panic mode:

“I’m not just talking about the super PACs and anonymous outside groups - I’m talking about the Romney campaign itself,” Obama wrote in the e-mail. “Those outside groups just add even more to the underlying problem. We can be outspent and still win - but we can’t be outspent 10-to-1 and still win.”

“The Romney campaign raises more than we do,” Obama continued, “and the math isn’t hard to understand: Through the primaries, we raised almost three-quarters of our money from donors giving less than $1,000, while Mitt Romney’s campaign raised more than three-quarters of its money from individuals giving $1,000 or more.”

The full story is HERE.

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Bob said...


where is the usual Pink Floyd music?

MrX said...

Wow! So last time, Obama bragged that he was getting most of his donations from people giving under $200. Now he's jealous of Romney with $1000+ donations.

Obama is the ultimate coveter of everyone else's money.