Monday, July 2, 2012

President Obama: We Need Change...Some SERIOUS CHANGE!

Last month, Mitt Romney got the fundraising edge over Barack Obama, raising roughly $17 million more than the president. According to Reuters, in the 24 hours following the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, Romney’s campaign raised $4.6 million. So it’s perhaps no surprise that a new report by The Daily Beast says Obama made an “anxious conference call” asking donors who gave his 2008 campaign the maximum donation to do so again this year.

“I’m asking you to meet or exceed what you did in 2008… Because we’re going to have to deal with these super PACs in a serious way. And if we don’t, frankly I think the political [scene] is going to be changed permanently. Because the special interests that are financing my opponent’s campaign are just going to consolidate themselves. They’re gonna run Congress and the White House.”
The full story is HERE.

As a last resort, perhaps President Obama could tax his donors for not donating more to make-up the difference? Justice Roberts would approve.

Steve Colbert had this suggestion to raise some cash:

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