Monday, July 23, 2012

How Much are the 2012 VP Contenders Worth?

The following information is sure to stir the interest of the nosy among us....Go ahead and take a look.

From the least wealthy to the most wealthy:

#8. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio:
Average Wealth 2010: $379,500
Rank: 89th Wealthiest in the Senate

#7. South Dakota Sen. John Thune:
Average Wealth 2010: $423,000
Rank: 87th Wealthiest in the Senate

#6. New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte:
Average Wealth 2010: $863,500
Rank: 73rd Wealthiest in the Senate

#5. Fmr. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty:
Average Wealth 2010: $1.2 million
Rank Among Governors: Unknown

#4. Fmr. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice:
Average Wealth 2008: $1.5 million

#3. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan:
Average Wealth 2010: $2.1 million
Rank: 124th Wealthiest in the House of Representatives

#2. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal:
Average Wealth 2006: $2.7 million

#1. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman:
Average Wealth 2010: $8.8 million
Rank: 26th Wealthiest in Senate

Read the full story and how their wealth was determined HERE.

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Portman is worth $9 million.

Just one more reason, among many, why he won't be on the GOP presidential ticket.

The last thing Romney needs is a running mate with a net worth approaching 8 figures.

Unless he wants the rest of the campaign to be about Obama & Biden vs Rich & Richer.


InTrade has Bobby Jindal at 6% & Bob McDonnell at 2% to be Romney's VP.

Call me crazy, but I still think these two are the real front-runners.

My money is on McDonnell, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if Jindal gets the gig.

Romney has telegraphed his criteria for a running mate by continually emphasizing the fact that Obama was unprepared to be president because he had no prior executive experience, and didn't know how to create jobs because he had never worked in the private sector.

McDonnell & Jindal are highly successful, highly popular governors who have worked in the private sector, which is why I put them at the top of Romney's short list.