Thursday, July 12, 2012

House votes to kill Obamacare

Pressing an election-year point, Republicans pushed yet another bill through the House on Wednesday to repeal the nation's two-year-old health care law, a maneuver that forced Democrats to choose between President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement and a public that is persistently skeptical of its value.

The vote was 244-185, with five Democratic defectors siding with Republicans.

By Republican count, the vote marked the 33rd time in 18 months that the tea party-infused GOP majority has tried to eliminate, defund or otherwise scale back the program — opponents scornfully call it "Obamacare" — since the GOP took control of the House.

Repeal this year by Congress is doomed, since the Democratic-controlled Senate will never agree.
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I know..I know...It means nothing without the PASSING BY THE SENATE and a SIGNATURE OF THE PRESIDENT... and THAT'S THE POINT!

ONLY with Mitt Romney and 51 votes in the Senate, will this dream be a reality and this current nightmare we're in be over with.

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Anonymous said...

This maybe the last chance we have to correct this. Everyone needs to come together now to defeat Obama and take the Senate back-

Machtyn said...

Take Congress back. We have the Senate ;)

Anonymous said...

The Republican's should expose and focus on Harry Reid's Senate leadership, and how he has prevented the House's budgets and bills from reaching the Senate floor. The GOP should make this a campaign against Harry Reid in order to take back the Senate.

I am still irritated with the messaging coming out of the GOP and Romney campaign when it comes to exposing the 21 taxes in ObamaTax.

I will say this again,the average voter only thinks that there is a penalty or a tax if you do not have insurance. They do not realize that they will most likely be hit with several of the other 20 taxes in the ObamaTax bill,even if they have insurance.

The GOP really needs to spell out these new taxes contained within the ObamaTax bill which does everything BUT make healthcare affordable!

New taxes listed below.

Anonymous said...

conservative black voter gives props to mitt romney

Anonymous said...

another black voter giving mitt props