Thursday, July 12, 2012

George Obama younger and WISER than his older brother

The following interview is a snippet from a movie about to be released on President Obama based on the book, " "The Roots of Obama’s Rage" written by Dinesh D’Souza.
In the film clip, D’Souza and George Obama are seen chatting on what appears to be a park bench, and D’Souza seems most curious to know why the half-brother of the most powerful man on the planet lives in poverty and without any financial help from President Obama.

I find this interview refreshing in that George Obama (unlike his brother) doesn't seem to have a chip on his shoulder as to his own circumstances and is Self reliant. He doesn't look to his brother to raise his living standards and feels he is responsible for himself.

People being responsible for themselves...what a refreshing concept.

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Anonymous said...

This Obama has a much better attitude on life than his self centered prosperous brother.

Machtyn said...

He is very much an African. His mannerism, speech patterns and such are very typical. I think it is cool.

I disagree with the reasoning of why the white's should have stayed in Kenya. If they had stayed and kept the same mentality of uncivility, the country would not have gone anywhere, like it is today. It is a mindset that changes the situation.

I'm not saying it couldn't change (see S.Africa), but both outcomes were possible. What they need to do is change the mindset of their leadership and the People of their country.