Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Culture Wars; Progressives vs. Conservatives

Dana Loesch, conservative radio talk show host & blogger, explains the cultural differences between progressives & conservatives in this must see GBTV video. She does an outstanding job in drawing the contrasts between the parties, the progressive view on restricting freedoms, and why conservatives have such a hard time in articulating our positions. Folks, this lady has put her finger directly on the problem we face today. We must change the hearts & minds of the electorate exposing the gross hypocrisy of the progressives. We must start to take back the culture to promote conservative views, restoring them to mainstream America. As she points out, elected politicians are but a reflection of ourselves. If we don't, we will be on the defensive always & always just one election away from loosing the battle for freedom.

Not only will we have a better country, but as Ludwig von Mises reminds us: "A higher standard of living also brings about a higher standard of culture and civilization."

This morning, we have the announcement of the progressive ideology in a handbook entitled, The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic. Here's a photo of it.

Zombie, at PJ Media has done a great book review that I urge all to read. Here's a passage from Zombie's review giving us the conservative viewpoint & incorporating what Dana Loesch has remarked upon in her video:

There’s a new frame in town: The nanny state. In a masterful maneuver of political aikido, conservatives have taken Lakoff’s antediluvian “strict father conservatism” frame and completely reversed it. Conservatism now stands for freedom from authority, while is it progressivism that seeks to implement the new scolding parent metaphor, now known as the “nanny state.” It’s liberals who want to tell you what to do and what is allowed, not conservatives.
And this frame is widely accepted by the general public not simply because of superior conservative messaging, but because there is evidence backing it up. It is mostly liberal politicians, not conservative politicians, who pass laws and regulations telling citizens what they can and cannot do, what they must and must not buy, what they are and are not allowed to say.
Who seeks to impose the “strict parent” paradigm now? Liberals. And everyone knows it.
When you're debating with liberals & socialists, stay a step ahead of them in their ideology. Be a beacon of conservatism to sway others to look at our point of view. Encourage folks that have not thought about these things to reexamine what really is best & if they have not registered to vote, help them to register & think clearly about the issues. Conservatives have & have always had, the superior message; progressives have the inferior ideology, but have the culture, MSM & Hollywood. It's our job to combat that daily & support conservatives politically & financially, wherever & whoever they are.


Anonymous said...

I disagree about one point, our officials have been analyzed and they are FAR more secular than the people they represent. FACT. We are a religious people, and they are NOT representative of us.

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Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:15, Great Catch! A great example of The Little Blue Book in action. The issue is 'outsourcing' & Sununu does his wonderful job of shredding MSM anchorpeople. Ms. Mitchell was confused & can't defend the lie as Sununu calls her out.

“The outsourcing issue really causes two problems for President Obama,” said Sununu. “It underscores his dishonesty.”

The Little Blue Book, did not save her nor the question regarding the obama extension of the Bush Tax Cuts, another 'sleight of hand' by obama as Bruce Krasting calls him out on the details. Again, no one in the MSM or conservative media is paying attention to the underlying taxes.

Everyone now should be able to detect the flawed Marxist/Socialist/liberal strategies that promote these deceits. Conservatives will be finding lots more in the days ahead.

hamaca said...

Great clip--thanks for posting it.