Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Please Help me understand: Are the majority of Ameican women NUTS?

Poll.... after..... poll.... after.... poll.... after.... poll.... poll... I could go on and on.

I can't take it anymore.

What the Hell do all these women see in Barack Obama?

If it's policies that benefit you?...your kids...your spouse...Clue me in.

If it's because he's a "nice guy"...That's a PRETTY STUPID reason to vote for someone. He was a nice guy..4 years ago...look where it got us.

I heard he's a good dancer...Is that it?

If it's because he's cute, so's my dog. I wouldn't vote for him either.


I get why men support Romney...It's because he's the best candidate....I mean....that's obvious

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ayhr86 said...

The problem with women voters is 2 fold. 1.Women have more free time and read too much magazines like hollywood gossip and others with very left leaning views. They also tend to watch more garbage left leaning tv and are more influenced badly by celebrities then men.2. Is the rise of young single women not getting married.Women biologically need to feel protected by a man.When they dont have a husband they look to big government as their protector.

Male & Smart said...

I hope some women respond, because this question has been racking my brain for months now.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of intelligent women everywhere, I want to apologize for the idiot women who see anything in Barack Hussein Obama.

Pollman said...

You've managed to capture the frustration of the majority of Romney supporters who follow the polls closely.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster that there are many women who support who their favorite celebrity supports. I think these women live in an alternative universe and these are the type of women you see quizzed on Jay leno's jay walking segment and watch jersey shore,kartrasians and those housewives show.

Anonymous said...

Here are 2 female Obama supporters with to much time on their hands


Call me sexist, but women are more gullible than men are, and are thus more likely to believe media propaganda.

Women will come to their senses and support Romney after Labor Day, when his advertising campaign kicks into high gear and he destroys Obama in the presidential debates.

During his 2002 gubernatorial race, Romney trailed his Democratic opponent by 5 points in the polls one week before election day, but then won that election by 5 points - A 10-POINT SWING TOWARDS ROMNEY IN THE FINAL WEEK OF THE CAMPAIGN!!!

I fully expect Romney to have a similar surge among both male & female voters in the final weeks of this presidential campaign.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with anything said by the other commentators. Great points, all of them. Very, very true.

Here's an additional thought from an historical perspective. Women in the U.S. have had the right to vote only since 1920. That's less than 100 years. That's a significantly shorter period of time than black men--former slaves, freed after a horrific Civil War and the adoption of crucial Constitutional amendments--have had the right to vote.

My point is that women won the vote only after decades of relentless activism, public ridicule, making themselves extremely unpopular with the status quo, and insisting on their rights as adult citizens of the Republic.

For this reason, maybe it's a good idea to cut women voters some slack. If their approach to the voting booth lacks a certain gravitas, perhaps it's because they were long treated like immature children, and (under the law) were considered legal appendages of their husbands, fathers, brothers,or sons.

Please, I'm not whining. I do have the vote, and I enjoy every opportunity that my talents and drive can bring me. But, even till my mother's generation, it wasn't always so.

Unknown said...

I am a woman who is not gullible, my husband will tell you that in a heartbeat. And no, not all women are gullible! First off, I never voted for 0bama because I knew he would be a disaster. Secondly, he grovels to voters like a dirt gad of an ex boyfriend claiming he won't lie to you the next time. I like Romney because he has the business sense to lead, as I am a businesswoman/major myself!!!! I am a Conservative Independent and I will cast my vote for Romney. And here is a hint to the men in the GOP, one up the Liberals and Democrats and start speaking about what the GOP done in terms of passing the right to vote for women in the 19th Amendment and give the floor to more women. Conservative and GOP men do that more often, they will have the women vote!!

Wendilynn said...

I'm an independent who used to vote democrat. I'm voting Romney this year because I think he's the only one who is fiscally responsible that has a history of getting things done. And no, I didn't vote in the last election because Obama and McCain were both losers.

As for the women issue, its a perception issue. The republican party has shot themselves in the foot over HOW they respond to abortion availability issues, the contraception issue, with the single mother rate being as high as it is, you can't go talking about how women are lazy, welfare bitches and then get upset that they want to vote for the other guy. Santorum did a great deal of damage in how he talked about personal responsibility which is the real issue. He completely mangled it. Most people would never do many of these things, but they believe in the power to choose if they will or not. Many of the extreme side of the republican party sound like frothing at the mouth fanatics in regards to abolishing these choices. Women do not respond well to the idea that we don't have a choice in how we live our lives. Doesn't matter if its right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

First off, I am NOT one of THOSE women!

That being said, women seek security by their God-Given nature and often find it in numbers aka society. They key is to show them that the government is NOT that benevolent society that they seek and it never will be. I remember when I first realized that my only true choice toward security was self reliance. It was a scary thought and it took me a while to internalize it, but in the end I embraced that only God, myself and family were the true sources to rely upon for security.

Romney needs to tailor his message to show women that security for them can only come when everyone is responsible for themselves and further, that this is the true 'caring' attitude not those government shyster types that promise you the world and deliver only misery (the concept of the reliable 'breadwinner' type of man, who is Romney, and the pie-in-the-sky guy, who is Obama).

Anonymous said...

To quote my wife (who was quoting someone else) they are, "All sensibility and no sense"