Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mitt Romney event in Salem, Virginia (Full Video 06-26-12)

Mitt Romney event at Carter Machinery Company in Salem, Virginia:

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Anonymous said...

thx for all you do for us Bosman...sincerely, Paulee

BOSMAN said...

Thanks Paulee!

I appreciate all your efforts as well at MRC and with the tips you send my way.

Karenk said...

I too am deeply appreciative of all you do Bosman... You give us so much! Thanks, Karenk

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks.

Thanks for bringing us Mitt's first PERFECT campaign speech! Wow! Bottle it, Mitt, and take it on the road! Perfect points. Perfect delivery. Perfect length. Don't change a thing and the job will be yours.

It's a good idea to start right in with the current state of the news too, as he did. No baloney, just get right into it. Naturally, this week he had the theme of the Supreme Court making his case that OBAMA has wasted our time doing effectively nothing. That's probably going to be almost sufficient to use as an opening for the next two months!!! Thanks, Bambi, you fool.