Monday, June 18, 2012

Mitt Romney interview on 'Face The Nation' (FULL VIDEO 06-17-12)

GOP presumptive nominee Mitt Romney talks with Bob Schieffer about immigration, health care, taxes, national security and more on "Face the Nation."

And there's more:

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newark hawk said...

Not one of Romney's better interviews. He seemed like he was caught off guard by the illegal immigration question.

Romney should simply have said that he will uphold his presidential oath of office and enforce the law, and that any changes to our nation's immigration policy must first be approved by Congress.

Otherwise, he comes across as soft on illegal immigration, soft on the Constitution and the rule of law, and perhaps worst of all, soft on his own previously stated beliefs & principles.

The last thing Romney needs to do is bring new life to the flip-flopper charge that had so dogged him throughout the GOP primaries.

Machtyn said...

That's interesting. Over on Race, they described this interview as a pinnacle of all interviews that Mitt has given.