Friday, May 18, 2012

More Partisan Insanity

So in case you have been asleep for the past three months (and you are probably better off if you were), the media has so courageously whacked Romney over several misdeeds:

1. A long time ago, he put a dog on top of his car when he went on vacation.

2. A really, really long time ago (48 years to be exact) he pulled off a stunt while in high school.

3. A Super Pac was recently given a proposal to challenge Obama on his former pastor. Romney immediately denounced the proposal as did the actual Super Pac.

He is just so awful!

Partisan politics causes otherwise rational human beings to transform themselves into drunk sports fans booing the other team. There is nothing new under the sun. Obama will be postpartisan as long as he has a comfortable lead in the polls. The moment he is challenged, he and his media pals put their game faces on.

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Terrye said...

They call it the silly season for a reason.