Friday, May 18, 2012

Mitt Romney's first General Election TV ad: DAY One

The ad will air in several key battleground states:

DAY 1:

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Anonymous said...


he needs to hire whoever does ron paul's ads.

leighrow said...

I agree that this tiny ad is weak but perhaps he is going to do several tiny positive ads which could be effective if he does them during the same time period.

Machtyn said...

It is very strong. It definitively states exactly some of the things that Romney will DO. No hopey changey stuff. It is a stark contrast over what Obama said and continues to say.

Anonymous said...

The ad is muscular, literally and figuratively. Good fit for Mitt. He's used the "Day 1" theme in his earlier speeches. His "jobs" plan rollout in Nevada last fall was given in a warehouse under a banner that read "Job 1, Day 1." The theme "Day 1" has a lot of potential, and it will resonate with voters who want TO GET THINGS DONE (not just talked and theorized about). I like the ad very much and can see how it is designed to appeal to disenchanted Independents who voted for Obama in 2008 and are now honest enough to admit that he's been a failure as a national leader.

Anonymous said...

weak for a 1st ad, but good otherwise

Terrye said...

I liked the ad.

BOSMAN said...

Romney needs to appeal to all types of voters.

Including those with short attention spans.

This is a good start.

Short & sweet & uncomplicated.