Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mitt Romney rakes in $5 million from a New York Fundraiser

Mitt Romney must have been singing, "I Love NY" Tuesday night. With the help of Chris Christie, Romney added $5 million to his campaign coffers at a fundraiser of 400 people who shelled out $2,500, $7,500, and $25,000 per-ticket.
Christie told donors, including Jets owner Woody Johnson, that campaign dollars would be "used well and used effectively” and encouraged them to "recommit today to the next five months of effort.”
Before introducing Christie, Romney said, “I have a special guest who just snuck in from across the border. You apparently have a border security problem in this city.” Christie responded: “Huge border security problem, but you’re still protected by that cross-town traffic, so don’t worry about it.”

The full story is HERE.
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1 comment:

larry said...

He is supposed to hall in 18 million total there before he heads home.

That's a lot of money.