Thursday, April 5, 2012

Winconsin exit polls indicate that Republican voters may be warming up to Romney

Chris Cillizza of the Washington post pointed out Wednesday in an article in 'The Fix'  that some of the data in the Wisconsin primary exit polls indicate that Romney may be expanding his support. He pointed out his findings in 5 points. I've taken the liberty of adding my own feelings about his findings:

1. Romney’s margin was held down by Democrats:

Romney's numbers would have been even higher in WI if the Democrats had not resorted to mischeif:

Among Republicans, Romney beat Santorum by a 50 to 37%. Among Democrats (11% of primary voters) Santorum beat Romney 44 to 23%. This of course is understandable when you consider that most polls indicate Santorum is a much weaker candidate against Obama.

2, Romney won on electability:

Poll after poll over the past months with few exceptions have indicated that most voters believe Romney has the best chance of beating Obama. Among the folks who believe winning is everything (37% of WI primary voters), Romney beat Santorum by a landslide of 67 to 23%.

3. Inevitability: (everybody loves a winner)

I've always felt that Romney was the most Presidential of all the candidates and has a persona that is most fitting a President. Another way of looking at it is, if you act like the winner, you must be the winner. 80% of WI voters believed Romney would be the nominee regardless to who they personally favored. With these folks, Romney won by 20 points over Santorum.

4. Tea Party support:

Romney has made inroads with the Tea Party, Among those who called themselves "strong" Tea Party supporters, Romney beat Santorum by 12 points.

5. Endorsements:

Among the 20% of voters who based their vote at least partialy on endorsements, Romney beat Santorum by 40 points.

My hope and belief is that the "electability" factor will end this primary contest by the end of April. I believe the majority of voters are coming around to the idea that BEATING OBAMA is everything and Romney is our best chance.

You can read Cillizza's Article HERE.

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Terrye said...

Rational people will see this as more proof that Romney is winning..the ABRS on the other hand will start putting forth their usual lame and delusional arguments..however, there are fewer and fewer ABRs.