Thursday, April 5, 2012

PPP: Romney Pulls Ahead in Pennsyvania - Please Let the Fat Lady Sing!

Public Policy Polling (PPP) released their new Pennsylvania polls 4/4/2012. 

Romney's taken the lead in Rick Santorum's home state of Pennsylvania by 5%.

Poll Totals: Romney 42%, Santorum 37%, Paul 9%, and Newt Gingrich 6%.

There's been a 23 point shift in Pennsylvania over the last month. Romney has moved up 17 pts, Santorum down 6.

The poll also revealed:

Only 36% of PA Republicans think Santorum has a realistic chance at winning the nomination.

Santorum's favorability numbers are relatively unchanged, however Romney has moved way up from 46/40 to 57/35.

Romney has gained 27 points with Evangelicals, 26 with Tea Partiers, and 40 pts with 'very conservative'.

Romney in also up double digits with seniors, suburbanites, moderates and 'somewhat conservative'.

Rick just needs to let the fat lady sing so we can go after Obama.

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BOSMAN said...

Poor Ricky!


BOSMAN said...

BTW, Does anyone know if there is an American Ambassador to Siberia?