Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rush Thinks Romney Is Conservative Again

In 2008, he was conservative. In 2011-12, he has not been conservative. Now, that he has wrapped up the nomination, Mitt Romney is back to being conservative. Like we all knew he would, Rush Limbaugh is not about to risk his media empire by lambasting the Republican nominee.

However, I have a prediction that I hope doesn't come true: If Romney loses the general election, he will go back to being an establishment moderate according to Limbaugh. The fat man behind the golden mic will have us all know that he warned us about Romney. And the Republican Party will give up its last whimper before transforming itself into a Southern and rural cultural movement.


Lori P. said...

Rush praised Romney and the Mass. Health Care bill. He said that Romney met all 3 legs of the conservative stool that Reagan spoke about. This was in 2007 or 2008. Hypocrite flip floppers like Rush are losing credibility. People like Judge Bork, John Bolton, Hugh Hewitt, Issa and Paul Ryan are for Mitt and that means more than Rush's retraction and sabotage efforts against him.

Anonymous said...

If (doubtful) Mitt doesn't win and your prediction comes true, I'll be shopping for a third party.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rush is fat anymore. Just sayin.

Graham said...

I can't take the amount of flip-flopping when it comes to Romney.

And I mean that in the sense that Romney is not a flip-flopper, but all of these "die-hard consistent conservatives" have been ALL OVER THE PLACE with their opinions about him.

Anonymous said...

Anon, LOL.

Rush may not be fat at the moments, but he is a big fat liar.


Anonymous said...

Rush cannot be trusted on the subject of Romney. Rush will never truly endorse Romney. He will always find a way to turn the knife a bit, throw a few spitballs, and then pretend that it's other people who just don't like or trust Romney. (See Article VI blog on the distrust theme.) Rush is the polar opposite of Romney in almost every way, and cannot begin to understand, appreciate, or even really like Romney.

Rush has always said that the outcome of elections do not affect his bottom line. Thus, there's no reason to assume that Rush will root for Romney to win the presidency, even after he becomes the GOP nominee. In fact, everything that Rush has said and insinuated about Romney this entire election cycle leads to the logical conclusion that that Rush does NOT want Romney to win in 2012.

BTW, the James K. Polk analogy to Romney in the REDSTATE article is idiotic. It's no compliment to Romney, who has clearly said he will run for two terms if elected. Furthermore, REDSTATE has lost all credibility by reason of its editor's unrelenting attacks on Romney and obvious loathing of him.

newark hawk said...

Limbaugh's first, second, and third public policy concern is tax cuts for multi-millionaires like himself.

The fact that Romney limits - correctly so, IMHO - capital gains tax breaks to those earning under $200,000 per year is a dealbreaker for Limbaugh.

Limbaugh is all about Limbaugh - he couldn't care less about his listeners, he couldn't care less about the average Joe.

One of these days Limbaugh's audience will wake up to this fact and he'll finally be off the air.