Friday, April 6, 2012

RNC shoots down Rick Santorum's Hail Mary Pass

As Rick Santorum supporters get their hopes up about a possible rule change allowing Texas to allocate its delegates on a winner-take-all basis, the Statesman notes RNC officials are pouring cold water all over the idea:
A spokesman for the Republican National Committee said Texas would need — but not receive — a waiver from the national party to change its primary.

“There is no basis for a waiver. Texas will remain a proportional state,” spokesman Sean Spicer said via Twitter.
The full story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Cmon Rick, you cant make up rules as you go. Face it, you didnt do well in FL or AZ..why bother. And sorry but TX will remain as is.

Anonymous said...

Time to take one for the team, Rick.


Anonymous said...

The only team Rick is really interested in is Rick's team/wallet.

DigiKen said...

Rick is such a Loser seriously. Mitt Romney has won this thing in the end and Rick only cares about himself. He is burning all of his bridges and is going to lose PA (same as he has in the past). If Santorum has any decency and really cares about beating Obama he will get out of the race before the 24th!