Sunday, April 15, 2012

Right Speak GOP Vice-Presidential Poll (FINAL RESULTS)

Thank you to all who participated.

Looking at the results, one can almost see 3 tiers of candidates. I have taken the liberty to separate them. I personally would be happy with anyone in that 1st tier. How about you?

GOP Vice Presidential Nomination:

Paul Ryan 1792

Marco Rubio 1337
Rob Portman 1233
Jim DeMint 1226
Chris Christie 1178
Condolezza Rice 978
Sarah Palin 893
Bob McDonald 868
Susana Martinez 809
Jeb Bush 784
Mike Huckabee 726
Tim Pawlenty 478
Darrell Issa 232
Mitch Daniels 170
Nikki Haley 166
Meg Whitman 76
Bobby Jindal 34
Rand Paul 21
John Thune 7
Other 46

TOTAL VOTES:  13,053

You can view the results yourself HERE.

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Stephen Monteith said...

I think Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire deserves consideration. She's been a Senator for just as long as Marco Rubio has, and she's from New Hampshire (meaning New England), so she can help force Democrats to compete in that area. I don't want it to seem like I'm taking Florida for granted, but I think we have enough Romney advocates in that area to slip it into the Red column.

Anonymous said...

Scratching my head on why people think that Romney would select Rubio. Recall that MCCain kept addressing Obama's inexperience, then picked Palin. Likewise, if Romney has been (correctly) stating that it was wrong to select someone inexperienced for POTUS, who has had 'on the job training', how on earth could Rubio-at the present time a senator for HALF the time that Obama was senator for be 'ready' to take the presidency if required? Okay he's had speaker experience in his state, but on the bigger stage he's a pure rookie. Also, he spent his early years as a mormon. Yes, he's now a catholic, but the MSM will love to point out saracstically that a twin mormon package will be in the white house. He's also got issues with his family's date of US arrival, which was in the media a few months ago (fleeing castro's cuba stories). Also, he seemed very reserved in his endorsment of Romney.Overall, selecting Rubio is a bad move IMO.
Ditto Ryan. He and Romney clearly get along, but the MSM (and the Obama re-election machine) will have a total field day with that particular ticket. The dems want to run with any distractions to Obama's record, so the campaign will essentially be on the Ryan plan. Morover, Romney has stated time and time again in the debates that to change Washington, you need someone that hasn't spent his life in Washington. Ryan's been there since the late 90's! Again, no one is doubting Ryan's capabilities, but again the MSM and the Dems will address Romney's theories on changing Washington, with his first major decision being the selecting of someone that has spent much of his career there (although, on the other hand, it does give Romney a person who knows the proceedures on the Hill as well as anyone). Also, Ryan won't be enough to bring in Wisconsin. That state's going to the Dems all day long.

With regard to the above posters choice of Ayotte. I think that she'd be grilled by the MSM. Again inexperienced, with a quivering voice that makes her sound constantly nervous. Yes, there's the woman vote, yes NH may be competitive (but is still a likely Dem state), but IMO she seems 'weak' and would be a sitting duck for the $billion ugly election campaign that's to come.
Romney cannot select someone who is inexperienced.

Jen said...

Romney/Christie 2012! unbeatable:)

Joel2012 said...

With more than 13,000+ votes the top five are-

Paul Ryan 1792
Marco Rubio 1337
Rob Portman 1233
Jim DeMint 1226
Chris Christie 1178

Of this list, one has repeatedly stated he will not accept the invitation, Marco Rubio. I for one am hoping that he sticks to his decision, he is inexperienced and we don't need inexperience.

Of the remaining four, DeMint had always been one of my favorites, top of my list at one time, but he has waited too long to endorse, and has not been engaged in helping the front-runner.

Of the remaining three, Portman doesn't have the name recognition in all circles, he is more of a long shot in my opinion, he does have the experience, but I am unsure if he has the fire within him, for me he is still an unproven choice, not sure what he brings, other than one state.

Of the remaining two, Ryan brings a dynamic to the race none of the others do, he has instant name recognition, having been in the spotlight, he has been in the trenches of the budget fights longer than anyone else, he is smart and articulate, he is someone I feel has all of the credentials, he is viewed as the safe pick.

The one remaining, Christie, is a ardent supporter, having endorsed early and fought the initial battles as well as ongoing ones on behalf of the front-runner, he was at one time viewed as the chosen one, the conservatives choice, but instead choose not to run and immediately endorsed the nominee at a critical stage of the race, his record shows he is a hawk on budget issues and unwilling to compromise when appropriate, he definitely has charisma, which some feel is lacking on our ticket, he is also unafraid to engage directly with the enemy.

My choice is Christie. He creates a unique balance with the front-runner and is the ideal choice to confront the enemy head-one as a surrogate for the nominee. The upcoming general election is going to be bitter, nasty, unforgiving one and I feel that he is ready to take on those who will attempt to turn this election into something other than what it should be, a showcase of the incumbent's failed policies.

There are some who will say that we need a minority, or a woman on the ticket to ensure the loyalty and vote of a specific demographic, but I am not convinced this is necessary. I feel the last thing we need is to go rogue on this pick. Most of us remember what happened when the overwhelming choice was passed over for a less qualified pick, that ended up being a disaster.


The best choice for 2012!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a Christie - Biden debate!

Slick-Willy said...

It's going to be Christie. This isn't a claim about the best choice. It's a gut feeling. Christie is the guy.