Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mitt Romney in Puerto Rico: Those Puerto Ricans know how to throw a rally! (FULL VIDEO 03-17-12)

The hispanics / latinos (whichever you prefer) really know how to throw a party. So much passion and energy for things they get involved in.

Mitt starts speaking at about 12:45.

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Anonymous said...

This was the most exciting Rally I have ever seen in my life! I was dancing in my chair!!

Lionhead said...

For a slightly different viewpoint re the 'optics.'

"“This will be one of the most socially conservative jurisdictions of America,” Fortuno said in an interview. “Values are key. . . . The fact that most of us speak Spanish most of the time doesn’t mean we don’t share the same principles and the same values as most Americans do.”

Romney is counting on Fortuno’s political machine to help carry him through. Before the candidate’s arrival, Ann Romney joined Fortuno in a run-down barrio.

The governor had staged a news conference to dole out government refund checks to about 100 senior residents, the product of a local tax overhaul. He warmly introduced Ann Romney.

But just as Fortuno started calling the elderly up to get their checks, Romney made her way to the back of the room. Handing out checks to voters two days before an election was not part of the Romney playbook.""

Oops, while masterfully chreographed, Fortuno made a gaffe in associating handing out checks in Romney's presence. Another instance of a staffing error & once again Romney is not doing any retail politicking, rather depending upon the Fortuno political machine in the Island.

Graham said...

And he's doing tremendously well there, Lionhead.

Put down the haterade, my brutha.

Publius Nemo said...
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Publius Nemo said...

¡Viva Mitt Romney y viva Puerto Rico! Vamos a ganar la Casa Blanca y traer la prosperidad de nuevo a todos. ¡Somos todos Americanos!