Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: Romney leading the GOP nationally by 8 Points

The full story is HERE.
View the full trends in an Excel file HERE.

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Lionhead said...

Dueling Poll Data. After spending 40 million dollars of personal money & 55 million in Super PAC & individual campaign donor contributions, Romney trails Santorum in the four key swing states Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. This is becoming an obscene exercise in capital mis-allocation by Romney. It's getting close to a time for him to reassess his campaign.

Spending 95 million dollars in a political campaign while the US is in a depression is appalling.

Unknown said...

Well Lionhead, we can always rely on your unbiased view of Romney, can't we? Glad I trust your judgment.

Lionhead said...

Graham, GOP leaders are beginning to plan for an open convention. Please you don't have to trust me; trust the facts & the actions taken by the principles. Do your own research.

This is well within the realm of probability. Sorry if your offended.