Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Positive Note From Louisiana

Newt Gingrich is now completely and thoroughly irrelevant.

There is not a race-induced barb, nor a pseudo-intellectual manifestation, nor a world-transforming declaration from Newt Gingrich that will make him matter again. He can't even play a role in denting the momentum of the man who crushed his life-long dreams of becoming president: Mitt Romney. If I were Romney, I would publicly state that I don't care whether Gingrich got out or stayed in. Nothing could be more insulting to Newt. At this point, he just doesn't matter, and it is starting to sink in. He has no more influence than Ron Paul. He could shout at the top of his lungs and light himself on fire, but nobody would even notice.

That's has to be quite devastating to a man who thinks so highly of himself. There is a part of me that pities him. But then I remember all of his lies and the large part he had in poisoning our political system. So goodbye Newt, we barely knew you. Or I should say we knew you too well. Have fun watching your Massachusetts arch nemesis make all of those "transformational" decisions as POTUS while you sit at home, disgruntled, writing another crappy book that nobody reads, thinking about the days that used to be.


Publius Nemo said...

I have little to no respect for Newt Gingrich but at least he has been toning down his rhetoric and when Santorum came out for Obama I really appreciated that Gingrich said Romney would be vastly different and better than Obama and that Santorum was "dead wrong". Romney has been trying to untie the party and has been very reconciliatory with Newt et al. I hope they take his olive branch and get the election going against Obama.

Terrye said...

This is true. Gingrich is done..and other than that LA is not that big a deal. Not many delegates and no one really thinks they are a battle ground state.

Chances are Romney will win just won't be the primary.

Anonymous said...

Newt and Rick are both clowns, so I don't despise one more than the other at this point.

The thing that really bothers me is that the way the primary was set up made it look as if Romney had some difficulty putting these 2 inferior candidates away. It makes Romney look weak, when in reality, he's a very fine candidate. Fine enough to convince the real challengers to stay out. (Christie, Jindal, Daniels, etc.)

And no matter how much some people deny it, bigotry clearly played a role as well.

The good news is that it's over and the best man won.

Now let's hope Mitt doesn't throw either traitor any bones.


Anonymous said...

Mitt came out of the south intact and, in my opinion, better off than if he had soared to victory in each of those states. If Mitt had won over the far right, evangelical, holier-than-thou voters, he would have had a harder time convincing the independents and right-leaning Democrats to vote for him in November. - KS

Robinator said...

Santorum can at least make the point that his candidacy is legit. Newt can't. Worse than illigitemate - he's irrelivant. Clearly he is guided at this point by ego alone. A true party patriot would smell the coffee and close out his campaign. Nuff said.

Robinator said...

Anonymous said...

Mitt will treat Newt respectfully, as he should, and pivot more and more towards Obama.

He will treat Santorum respectfully, too, but won't be kissing any hands to do that either. His behavior and rhetoric should unquestionably deny him any place in a Romney administration.