Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Numberwang America

If there is anything that makes less sense than Numberwang it's the US's inability to be honest about our debt, deficit, and our government spending. Right now the President and congress are borrowing money and running deficits in the trillions. And it isn't a democrat only problem. Both parties are to blame and both need to change. It's an American problem. Right now the government accounts for .25 cents of every dollar that is spent in the USA. Government is outpacing all private industry. Entitlements and welfare is skyrocketing. More than half of America is not paying taxes. This is a recipe for fiscal and economic disaster of epic proportions. But for the most part, people carry on in the comfort of their daily lives and many will thoughtlessly vote to pass the debt on to future American generations. To those future American generations we will leave them moral constipation and economic bondage.

Does it take a leader to borrow more on the country credit card to appease the masses? Does it take a leader to promise more benefits and government freebies? Does it take a leader to pander with more entitlements? Does it take a leader to deprecate the rich and extol false populist misconceptions of capitalism? If we were looking for a middle school president those kinds of juvenile antics might be acceptable but we are literally in a fight for our lives, our country, and our children. There has never been a time in American history where the stakes have been so high. War from an outside threat is easier to defend against political inaction, unwillingness, and stagnation. When war was brought to us in 1941 our people were couragous and sacrificed for the cause of freedom. We need that same sacrifice again to defeat inflation, unemployment, and debt. Now the repercussions of inaction at this critical junction are as grave and ominous as European Fascism and Imperial Japanese aggression. Even as Europe's debt crisis lingers and national inaction to curb spending is painfully streamed to us daily via television, radio, and print, we Americans believe to be above the mathematical evidence that we are headed towards a European like debt crisis of massive proportion. The only difference is all the nations of the world won't be able to help the United States out of bankruptcy nor would they help us if we petitioned. We aren't exactly popular these days. Additionally, we are the keystone holding up the bridge. Once we go, they all go. Everyone is cooking their books but America's guarantee helps keep the game fluid.

In 1775 we went to war against a superpower over taxation without representation and an insignificant stamp tax sparked the conflict. Now we are taxed more than any other free peoples and we sit in a malaise of comfort, entertainment, and rhetoric and do very little to change the course of the ship as it floats through glacier infested waters of finance. What will it take for people to elect representatives who will close off the spigot? We love our comforts and entitlements so it seems that we will have to hit a wall before people are inconvenienced enough to affect change. I hope I am proved wrong. Four years ago we elected a president on a platform of hope and change and we have drifted into indebtedness and deadlock. We have another election coming soon and America has to choose again which direction we want to take the nation and more importantly we will decide what kind of America the future generation will be bequeathed.

The Choices:
  1. Continue with Barak Obama and hope that hope and change is still coming as opposed to inevitable bankruptcy, economic depression, and political impasse. 
  2. Vote for Mitt Romney, the conservative GOP presidential hopeful, who is running on a cut, cap, and balance ticket and demand that his plan be carried through. Sacrifice entitlements and programs we like now for future generations of Americans.
  3. Do nothing and let the inside privileged decide where to take the country for their interest and benefit. Let the bureaucracy and the technocrats plan out the lives we are not living and usurp the freedoms we are not protecting.
I am going with anyone that promises to balance the budget and reduce the size of government. Democrat or Republican it doesn't matter. For president I am with Mitt Romney. He is the only hope we have at this critical moment and the only one with the experience that tells me he can do what he says because he has done. Other's know in theory (maybe in theory) how it should work but Romney has lived the promise. I will support any candidate who can stop spending on borrowed money. While some candidates talk about moon bases and free birth control the real issue is the economy and spending. How will pandering candidates pay for moon bases and birth control for all if people stop taking our monopoly money? Even if you believe in big government you still have to pay for it one way or another and we are cruising towards the same brick wall that Greece came across. Some want to get caught up in the minutia of Rush Limbaugh's petty radio show while Mitt Romney is focusing on real issues and staying on message. Once we have balanced the books we can afford to talk social issues but now is not the time. Now is the time to show some self-discipline, determination, and self-sufficiency. It is time to look past the rhetoric and recognize the bankrupt elephant in the room. It is time to move past class, race, religion, and party and commit to save America financially. It is time to unite behind Mitt Romney and send him to Washington with a mandate from we the people to end the fiscal irresponsibility of the last 25 years. It is time to back Mitt Romney in his bid for president. It is time to get back to work and tighten the belts. In the long run we will be better off than we are today. If we don't do it now the market and history will do it for us violently and unpredictably. Donate, vote, and volunteer for Mitt Romney. Everything depends on our commitment.

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dgenetaylor said...

Smaller government verses larger government. That is the question to be decided in November. Larger Government is oppressive to the individual and leading the country to bankruptcy. Thank Nemo. Go Mitt.

Anonymous said...

he's the only candidate that continually talks economics. even the president facing a election gets side tracked with birth control and other peripheral nonsense. mitt is focused and tempered enough to actually effect change is we are smart enough to elect him.