Monday, March 12, 2012

INTRADE: How are the rest of the March contests looking for the GOP candidates? (as of 03-12-12)

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GOP Nomination:

The Rest of the March Primaries/Caucuses:

March 13:




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March 17:


March 20:


March 24:


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Teemu said...

There will be no mo out of MO - Missouri will stay mystery until mid April.

Seems that since Missouri already has a giant “straw poll” primary, MO GOP can't be bothered to have any caucus straw poll, the MO GOP only wants the list of convention delegates chosen, they don’t care whether the list even tells to whom they pledged if they pledged at all, so there is no way to keep score of this and get real momentum before the actual conventions in mid-April, also the caucuses are spread over several days, from March 15, the last ones are on March 24, which makes it less fun event to cover, kinda like ME and WY were covered.

Every other state that has held caucuses this year to select its preference for a presidential nominee has had some type of reporting mechanism to give the public a grasp of who prevailed, even if it’s just an informal straw poll.

But the Missouri Republican Party is giving organizers up to three days to turn in the names of delegates who are selected at the 142 local caucuses. And even then, those who submit the names will not necessarily list which candidate the delegates have pledged to support.
“There’s not going to be a quote ‘winner’ at 6 p.m. on March 17,” said Lloyd Smith, executive director of the state Republican Party.

Sammy said...

The Alabama and Mississippi numbers here seem more realistic.

Romney will take Hawaii with it's huge Mormon population.