Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I bet you didn't know that Mitt Romney won more delegates Tuesday than Rick Santorum?

Rick Santorum had a good day today. But I'm sure you've heard that already. Santorum's SOUTHERN SWEEP...blah...blah...blah...

Shshhh! Don't tell anyone, but did you know that Mitt Romney's day WAS BETTER? After All, with Fox News shilling for Romney, we didn't want to spoil their surprise announcement of Romney taking more delegates.


Rick Santorum WON:

Alabama 19
Mississippi 13
Hawaii 4
American Samoa 0

Total = 36

Newt Gingrich WON:

Alabama 12
Mississippi 12
Hawaii 0
American Samoa 0

Total = 24

Ron Paul WON:

Alabama 0
Mississippi 0
Hawaii 1
American Samoa 0

Total = 1

Mitt Romney WON:

Alabama 11
Mississippi 14
Hawaii 9
American Samoa 9

Total = 43

Romney won the most delegates today. A gain of 7 delegates on Santorum. Of course, you won't hear that on the news outlets. After all, There all in the bag for Romney

Here is how the delegate count stands now. Click the chart below to view NYT's interactive delegate map with the breakdowns by state:

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Teemu said...

Hawaii's delegates based on "round up to next number" rules based on these results

Popular vote
Romney 5
Santorum 3
Paul 3

Romney 2
Santorum 1

Romney 2
Paul 1

Romney 9
Santorum 4
Paul 4

Ohio JOE said...

First off, Mr. Romney only won 6 of the 9 American Samomans delegates, 3 are supper delegates, so if we count supper delegates, Mr. Santorum will get at least one from Alabama. Mr. Santorum will probably get most of the 5 unallocated delegates in Alabama (unless vote votes changes) and it is not immpossible that Mr. Santorum, not Dr. Paul will win the 3rd Hawaii delegate in CD-2. So in the end, it is very doubtful that Mr. Romney will get the most delegates of yesterday.

BOSMAN said...


Follow the Samoa link.

Romney WON 6, The 3 super said they were supporting Romney.

Thats 9 total.

BTW, Romney won more delegates in Mississippi than Rick.

Romney's now 7 ahead of Rick on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification Bos!

I woke up and looked for someone---anyone to have the delegate count for yesterday. It's not convenient news, so they just ignore it. What a sham FOX is.

Romney closing in on 500! Whoo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Alabama and Mississippi were open contests, so Democrats were helping Santorum again. They must be giggling in the White House.

BTW: Hawaii was a closed contest. Romney won.

Machtyn said...

IL worries me. It is an open contest and Santorum/Obama will be pulling out the Democrat voter there.

Even with <50% stating religion was a factor in AL and MS, there were 20% crossover voters. If it weren't for the crossover votes, Romney would have won this thing... or very nearly won it. Santorum would have been third.

Anonymous said...

Illinois will not vote with AL/MS. Call it northern pride.

Frozone said...

What's with the open primaries? If it wasn't close, it wouldn't matter, but allowing a few democrats to cast tie breaker votes seems absurd to me.

Anonymous said...

What is really quite shocking is that the news really doesn't mention the fact that these are open primaries and that the Dems were quite obvious in Michigan and Ohio about their schemes to vote for Santorum.

Santorum is a flippin joke!

Machtyn said...

They did mention that in MI and OH. However, they minimized its effect. Santorum also made robocalls to Democrats in MS and AL. I haven't heard much about the crossover vote except to mention that it happened.

Publius Nemo said...

Amazing that Santorum can win any of these States. If Romney had said the things he has about women, blacks, or throw up, he would be at home now chilling with his family. There is a big double standard and Santorum is just the last embarrassing other candidate.

Anonymous said...

Fox news is totally "schilling" but it's subliminal I guess cause they sure don't broadcast any pro Mitt commentary. Maybe Rick is hearing those little voices in his head again. They say lots of crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Bos, you got the Rick Santorum name also next to angry muffin man's picture...thought Id point it out.

BOSMAN said...

Thanks anon.

You have to admit, they do kind of blend together into one irrelevant mass!

Anonymous said...

If Romney has more than 520 delegates by the end of this month then he is still on the path to 1144.

Ohio JOE said...

"BTW, Romney won more delegates in Mississippi than Rick." No,Mr. Romney only won 12 whereas Mr. Santorum won 13 in Mississippi. Mr. Romney got one Super delegate in Mississippi so far, but that is neither an elected delegate nor a bound delegate.

newark hawk said...

Did any of you catch Dick Morris on 'Hannity' Monday night?

Morris said he was endorsing Romney because he wants the GOP to wrap up its nomination process BEFORE the convention:

"If Santorum & Gingrich drag this thing out to the convention, the GOP will have no chance of defeating Obama in November.

The GOP needs to have a nominee by June, at the latest, if they want to defeat Obama, and Romney is the only candidate who can win the nomination that soon."

Hannity kept interrupting Morris, objecting to everything he was saying.

He looked like he wanted to jump out of his chair and strangle Morris.

But according to Tricky Ricky, "FOX is shilling for Romney."

Who knew?!!

BOSMAN said...

Ohio JOE said...

" "BTW, Romney won more delegates in Mississippi than Rick." No,Mr. Romney only won 12 whereas Mr. Santorum won 13 in Mississippi. Mr. Romney got one Super delegate in Mississippi so far, but that is neither an elected delegate nor a bound delegate."

OJ, then you should contact the WST and/or NYT and tell them you're right and their wrong. They have Romney with one more delegate than Santorum in Mississippi.

Terrye said...

Santorum won, but it was so close that it did not help him with delegates that much.

If Mitt Romney had won with a margin like that the gum flapping pundits and the people who hang on their every word would call it a failure, a loss etc..but when it is Ricky baby there is an entirely different standard.

But then, what is new? There has always been a different standard for Rick Santorum, if there were not hypocrites like Levin and Malkin and Erikson could not support him.

Terrye said...

I think I heard someone say that Romney got more delegates because of the districts he won..