Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suffolk University Poll: Romney leading GOP by 48 POINTS in home state of Massachusetts...Santorum in Pennsylvania...OUCH!

GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 64%
Rick Santorum 16%
Ron Paul 7%
Newt Gingrich 6%


Barack Obama 53%
Mitt Romney 39% (-14) 

Barack Obama 59%
Rick Santorum 32% (-27) 

Barack Obama 60%
Ron Paul 26% (-34) 

Barack Obama 63%
Newt Gingrich 23% (-40)
A survey of 600 likely voters, including a subsample of 172 Republican primary voters, was conducted February 11-15, 2012. The MOE is +/- 4%.
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

Now I know, you're asking yourself, how did Rick Santorum do in his homestate of Pennsylvannia? Well it just so happens, I've got the last PTR-WPXI Poll of Pennsylvania from Feb 9 below. And from Rick Santorum's perspective, all I can say is, OUCH!

GOP Nomination:

Rick Santorum 30%
Mitt Romney 29%
Newt Gingrich 13%
Ron Paul 9%
Other 2%
Undecided 16% 


Mitt Romney 45% (+2)
Barack Obama 43% 

Barack Obama 47%
Rick Santorum 43% (-4)

Pretty embarrising for Rick, Huh? Now some folks will tell you that 36% of people in Massachusetts don't like Mitt Romney and that's true. Of Course 70% of Pennsylvanians don't like Rick Santorum, that's also true.

You know what they say......It's ELECTABILITY stupid!

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Frozone said...

Former Bay Stater here.

Here's what the rest of the country doesn't get. When Romney ran against Kennedy, nobody thought he would win. MA republicans were just glad to have a choice, as so many offices are basically uncontested. Romney almost won, but the bigger story was the street cred he got in local republican circles for throwing himself on the sword...

Fast forward to the run for governor, and now he not only had a chance, he actually won, then governed as a conservative. Go figure! The GOP LOVES Romney in MA.

Unfortunately, they are outnumbered, and Obama will carry it in the fall.

And now I live in MN, and it's deja vu all over again. It's a frustrating life, conservative in a liberal world... ;)

Terrye said...

To know Rick is to be disappointed in Rick.

And it is not over. His weird views on everything from working women to Protestants is going to come out..I just hope it comes out in time to save the GOP from certain defeat.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. WAtch what the Pittsburgh Gazette had said about Santorum. Rick Santorum Who is He.

Rob said...

I use to think Santorum would make a nice VP for Mitt - helping capture the Ultra-Conservative vote and even Pennsylvania. No more. He's done. At this point Santorum would actually be a drag in the General election.

Anonymous said...

Rob, how funny I used to think the same way. But Santorum cannot stop saying dumb things which is why he lost his senate race last time. He's doing it again - going too far with the religious thing. Now I see him as too extreme, he would be a drag in the general.

Slick-Willy said...

As has been the case throughout this race, people who have seen Mitt at work love him. W/Santorum and Newt, the opposite is true.