Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mitt Romney & Ron Paul: The Odd Couple?

Once there was a challenge of a softball game from the Ron Paul clan to the Mitt Romney clan. “They didn’t show up,” Mr. Paul says. “We didn’t schedule it. We really razz them about that, ‘You guys chickened out!’ ”

When Mr. Paul’s campaign jet broke down last year in Wolfeboro, N.H., Mr. Romney’s wife, Ann, offered to let Mr. Paul, an aide and one of his granddaughters stay the night at their summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee. When Mr. Romney arrived later, he offered his jet to take them home to Texas. Mr. Paul, not wanting to impose, was grateful but declined both offers.


The relationship between the two men is rooted partly in the fact that they are veterans of the 2008 nominating fight. And that has translated into growing bonds between their families after dozens of debates, primaries and caucuses.

The candidates’ spouses, Ann Romney and Carol Paul, “know each other better than any of the other wives,” Mr. Paul said. He and Mr. Romney talk “all the time” and “we’ve met all their kids.” Once he telephoned Mr. Romney just as Mr. Romney was calling him. “Sometimes I’m never sure who issued a call,” he said.
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Ron Paul 12 said...

Back in the 2008 GOP Presidential debates, when the networks were trying to exclude Ron Paul, It was Romney who said it wasn't right and insisted he be included.

I don't agree with Romney on many issues, but I do believe he his a good person with strong values like Dr Paul

Terrye said...

Ron Paul has some pretty strange ideas..but he is a gentleman. And so is Romney. I think they were raised that way.

Terrye said...

This is off topic, but I would like for Bosman to do a post on the story about Santorum going after Protestants..apparently no one is good enough for Saint Rick.

Lionhead said...

Bosman, thank you for posting this article. I'm sure many readers are scratching their heads how this relationship could form between two candidates so diametrically opposed. While you posted the warm 'n fuzzy personal side, you neglected the political side. Let's start with the articles' text:

"Short of the nomination, Paul aides say, the Texan wants to influence the party, the platform and its nominee on a range of issues, like scaling back the Patriot Act and bringing more scrutiny to the Federal Reserve. But it is unclear how far any nominee might go toward meeting Mr. Paul halfway. A number of his positions, like ending foreign wars, are anathema to establishment Republicans.

In the meantime, Mr. Paul has slowly been collecting delegates, and is now threatening Mr. Gingrich for third place on that front. And his supporters plan to pack state party conventions to grab more delegates in states like Iowa, Maine and Minnesota, which will probably give Mr. Paul more leverage as the nominating battle progresses.


Whether “his people” would ever do anything on Mr. Romney’s behalf, should he emerge as the nominee, remains an open question."

One can posit here that Paul will pledge his support to Romney if required to put Romney over the top in the nomination process. In effect, Paul's delegates are up for sale to the leading candidate in August. What for? Perhaps face time at the Convention, a GOP Party plank or two, or recognition of Sen. Rand Paul in future party activities or a Cabinet post if the GOP wins in November.

I have not supported Paul because I thought he was a straw man candidate in the 2012 race just to do such a thing as described above. Now, as you digest all this, how will the Paul supporters react to him pledging his delegates to Newt, Rick or Mitt? Do you think they will all just "fall into line" behind one of these choices? I think not. Judging by the reaction of the Paul supporters comments in Maine, they did their job to vote for him, are disgruntled at the GOP, are changing to Independents, & will go third party or vote Libertarian in November.

Anyway, you slice 'n dice this, the GOP will loose support of the conservative base, have reduced voter turnout in November, & loose financial support as the betrayed Paul supporters give up all hope for a conservative win against Obama. Once again, Romney will win the battle, but loose the war.

I would advise you to start praying for Romney.

BOSMAN said...


The purpose of the piece was to show the even though Romney and Paul are totally opposite on many issues, they've found a common ground of respect for one another.

Nothing diabolical on my part. Just a fluff piece for both men that I respect!

Anonymous said...

LH stop being a freakin idiot, they cant just get along for the sake of getting along as human beings? Im sure if it was Santorum or newt stuck out in the middle of nowhere, Mitt would be the first to help. Politics aside he is the true leader of charity and service to his fellow men.

Publius Nemo said...

You have to try and make an effort to get along. Santorum and Gingrich turned this whole race so nasty by taking every political ad against them so very personally. They should run on the same ticked. The Bitter Man ticket. I have to say Paul and Romney are my very favorites from the beginning.