Saturday, February 18, 2012

Restore Our Future: RICK FACTS

The following 4 ads are from the PAC Restore Our future. They have set up a great website that supplies sources in their ads claims.

I mentioned in a comment in one of RS posts that I have seen this ad broadcast several times in Massachusetts during the past week. If the pac is spending this kind of money on Massachusetts when Romney will win in the primary with 50-60% of the vote, I can't imagine what they're spending in other states where Romney isn't doing as well.

I tip my hat to Restore Our Future. if the MSM won't vet Santorum's record like they did the other candidates, then someone has to get this information out:

Facts for Video: “Votes”

Facts for Video: “Right Experience”

Facts for “Proud”

Facts for “Facts”


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Graham said...

Exactly the kick to the huevos this guy needs. Romney all the way.

Terrye said...

The Santorum people can cry all they want, but the truth is what it is.

Terrye said...

In fact, the reason that DeWine switched his endorsement from Romney to Santorum was the mention of the vote for the felons to vote. Only two other Republicans voted this way and DeWine was one of them. He did not like the ad.

I was not aware that allowing felons to vote was not a tenet of true conservatism.

But then again, DeWine is a serial endorser. Next thing you know he will be endorsing Ron Paul.