Monday, February 6, 2012

Ohio's Columbus Dispatch endorses Mitt Romney

In the March 6 primary, The Dispatch urges Ohio Republicans to choose Mitt Romney as their party’s presidential nominee.

American voters need someone who offers an alternative to the failed policies of President Barack Obama. Romney is the candidate best able to do that.

It would be politically expedient for a presidential candidate to vow that he’ll single-handedly create jobs. Romney promises something else: He says he’ll get government out of the way, because government can’t create jobs. It can only inhibit their creation, as has been amply demonstrated over the past three years.

Obama has failed to energize the economy, despite massive and ill-considered interventions, including the unpopular health-care overhaul and an $800 billion “stimulus” package. The latter not only hasn’t stimulated the economy, it is a major part of the $4.6 trillion in additional debt the president has piled on the nation. Last week, the Congressional Budget Office predicted continued sluggish recovery in the economy for the next couple of years. Recent drops in unemployment claims have come not because job creation is booming, but because discouraged people are dropping out of the work force.

The nation’s voters should have the chance to choose a candidate who will reduce government burdens and government-induced uncertainty that impede the ability of business owners to plan, grow and hire.

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