Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Introduction

Hello everyone, Bosman has graciously extended an invitation for me to post on the Right Speak Blog.  Thank you Bosman.  I will be presenting an "Op-Ed" point of view here for the more Conservative readers like myself, along with high-lighting issues & ideas between candidates as well as the opposing wings of the Republican Party. I am an 'old-style' Republican Conservative, not conformed to the current bi-definitions of social or fiscal conservative. Some might think of me as a curmudgeon.

My posts will also be a bit of history, as what is currently transpiring is "nothing new under the sun."  People change, but the issues & ideas remain the same. I will endeavor to raise the bigger issues in the general election, the issues where the rubber meets the road in November.  To this, it will be presented in a positive format rather than in a negative fashion. I hope you find it stimulating & thought provoking.

For the record as I begin, I voted for Rick Santorum in the Florida Primary. I believe his ideas & integrity best match my personal views. I don't always agree with him, in some issues he could be further 'right,' & on others, a bit further towards the 'center.'  As we all know, there is not any perfect candidate, nor will there ever be one.

Please feel free to comment on whatever is presented. I like a "point, counter point" discussion which leads to the lively art of conversation.  Be civil, be concise, bring the facts in your counter point.



Right Wingnut said...

Welcome aboard! I look forward to your posts...

leighrow said...

GWB and Santorum are one and the same and I certainly do not think of GWB as being a conservative.

I guess my definition of conservative includes fiscally conservative. If you review Santorum's voting record in Congress,you will find he was one of the biggest spenders in Washington. He supported all of GWB's spending and he also was a pro-union advocate. I am convinced Santorum would have voted for Tarp in 2008 alongside GWB if he were not voted out of Congress by an 18% margin in 2006.

Unlike Gingrich, however,if Santorum were the nominee, I would vote for him.

I do not see how he would win, because his experience is no different than that of Obamas. They both were lawyers who spent their lives in politics.

Anonymous said...

You'll need a photo to display with your name. something like this one:

Anonymous said...

or this:

Doug NYC GOP said...

Mr. lionhead,

Welcome to the Right Speak family.

Like the Mafia, once you are in, you can nevr leave. ;)

I am glad you pursued this option and look forward to your contributions.

Good Luck !

Bosman - You prove once again you ar ethe fairest and most openminded host in the Blogoshpere.

Go Giants!!!

Lionhead said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks for your greetings RW & Doug NYC. Bosman has definitely demonstrated fairness; it's one of many qualities of a Conservative.

@leighrow, I agree with you re GWB. I believe he was more a social conservative than a fiscal or traditional one. Therein lies the problem; what is a "conservative." I hope I can bring prespective there to show the differences. I think you will be surprised how the definitions have morphed over the decades.

As for Santorum, yes, he's a Big Gov't guy, but a social conservative. A mix that leads me to think that he's the "cleanest dirty shirt" candidate. If I had my pick, I'd choose the "Barry Goldwater" candidate. ;) But that's not going to happen.

Santorum could win if he can put forth the other Big 3 issues in his campaign that Mitt is ignoring. He's got the healthcare issue front & center, now he needs to add the housing, economy & job creation issues in a bold fashion.

I will be writing later about the housing issue. There is a solution from the past that would apply.

Anon, thanks but you can see my avatar.

Lionhead said...

Sorry leighrow, I can't resist! In your heart, you know he's right. ;)

leighrow said...

I agree it all comes down to what one perceives and defines as conservative.

My biggest attraction to Romney is his private sector experience. I also feel that he is a strong social conservative as well. His work as a bishop in the church, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I feel makes him particularly sensitive to the importance of religious freedom. His Op-ed this week in the Washington Examiner further confirmed my belief that he would be one to champion religious freedom and to fight the intrusion of government into religious establishments.

From the very beginning I believed that Michelle Bachmann was the most conservative from a fiscal and a social perspective, followed by Mitt Romney. I laughed when Ann Coulter reached the same conclusion a few weeks back in one of her OP-Eds.

Due to the nature of the political environment in MA one can not fault Romney for the mandate to force 8% of the uninsured to pay for their private healthcare insurance. If Romney did not inject himself into the (85% democratic) MA legislative process, MA would have ended up with a single payer government funded system.

MA politics is a different beast and Romney did his best to govern from a conservative vantage point.Should the GOP discourage conservatives from running for governor in the most liberal states?

It is very easy for a conservative governor to govern a conservative to a moderately conservative state and to produce conservative legislation.It is quite an accomplishment for a conservative governor to govern the most liberal state in the country, and to reduce its 3 billion deficit to a 1 billion surplus. It was also bold to pass illegal immigration enforcement as well as English Immersion programs. Romney supported pro-life legislation as governor and wrote an op-ed during his tenure as governor stating his pro-life views. These views weren't popular in MA, but Romney held those views even though he knew he would stand no chance of being reelected. Which leads me to the other reason why I like Romney. The guy can't be bought and he will do what he feels is best,regardless of whether he gets reelected. The man has an actual life outside of politics,unlike Gingrich and Santorum. Romney doesn't need the money.

Have a good day. It is always nice to hear other perspectives.

Anonymous said...

Welcome LH....just wondering if you will vote Romney if he were to be nominee or one of those that will "stay home".


Doug NYC GOP said...

Lion Head,

In your intro you stated you are "old style" conservative. I like your addressing the various types of "conservative" out there today. That may be part or our problem - too many factions seeking perfection from a cast of different conservatives.

I'd also be interested in a bio of you, you sound like an interesting guy.

Lori Patriot said...

Santorum is an honorable man but he voted for the debt ceiling to be raised and is on the record saying his job is to bring home the bacon to his district. He is a staunch supporter of earmarks.

The notion that Rick or Newt are any more conservative than Mitt is really laughable. They were not conservative in office, and they were not even running a liberal controlled state like Mitt was. Rick did not push Right to Work nor did he have to go on the record for bailouts due to not being asked.

The voices here that are anti-Mitt are hypocritical, anti-capitalism and illogical. Their dislike for Romney has more to do with deep seated and barely concealed envy and religious bigotry than anything else. They are not helping to reach the goal of making Obama a one term President with their barrage of empty assaults on Romney either.. Putting their own desire over the nation's best interests is not patriotic.

dgenetaylor said...

Rick S. is a very nice man. I'd love to have him over for dinner to discuss politics and world affairs, etc.
However, I am sorry to say, he has no.. (you fill in the blank).. what ever makes a president "presidential".

Anonymous said...

amen lori and leighrow! well said and spot on! go mitt!

Ohio JOE said...

Welcome aboard Lionhead. Mr. Santorum is not perfect, but he is the best of what we have left.

"Santorum is an honorable man but he voted for the debt ceiling to be raised" What has Mr. Romney ever done to stop federal debt-ceilings other than blow smoke at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

Lion head. Welcome. However, have you ever considered that many conservatives, such as myself, are Romney supporters?

Yes, Romney IS conservative. Far more than vestboy.

Lionhead said...

Hi everyone, I've been away for awhile with an out of state visitor & watching the Super Bowl last nite. Thanks one & all for your comments.

If I may, I'll make some replies:

@leighrow & Doug NYC, I think the definition(s) of conservative have been blurred to splitter voters who consider themselves to be a "conservative." While it is normal for people's ideas or belief system to change over time, there are certain fundamental bedrock conservative values. I'll try to write a post to address this & everyone can compare their values & beliefs against the more fundamental core beliefs.

As time goes on I'll weave my background into the posts so you'll have an understanding of my background. It's nothing special I can assure you! ;)

@Bob, this is a difficult thing, but on a head's up obama/romney, it would come down to a protest with a Libertarian vote, or a strategic vote in the conversion to Socialism. A strategic vote would allow one to buy time to exit the US if conditions deteriorated further into Socialism. That may sound radical, but the next President is going to face monumental economic issues of such proportions they may not be able to fix the problems. A constant problem for me is the GOP candidates are not addressing these issues directly with concrete plans.

Telling me I'm a businessman or I have such & such experience gets one's foot into the door, but definite concrete plans are needed to show how the candidate is going to deal with this. Romney's stump speech is a great example of what I'm describing.

@Lori P & degenetaylor, I understand your points here, but as I said earlier, Rick Santorum is the "cleanest dirty shirt" candidate. He's not perfect, but I can live with him if nominated. I prefer a person that is more of a rugged individualist, ah, there I go again back to the man with the photo in comment 7. Don't you think a man of such individualism would be a great choice right about now to undue the damage wrought by Obama? A man that could clearly articulate the principles & values to bring the country back to the Constitution & rule of law? A person that has a plan to implement his ideas that would be clearly spelled out for all to see? Would that be rejected by voters?

Anonymous said...

Your man Goldwater would not approve of Rick Sant's Big Labor Union record. Sant is a Reagan Democrat, not a Republican. And being a fiscal conservative is ESSENTIAL to being a conservative of any king, and Sant's not. Sometimes he's very sincere and convincing, and then on a dime he's really a childishly annoying whiner. He's not POTUS material. Romney has the best, detailed plans but they don't lend themselves to 30 second sound bites.

Anonymous said...