Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mitt Romney on Fox & Friends (FULL VIDEO 02-15-12)

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Publius Nemo said...

Mitt is hitting his stride in interviews now. He's very comfortable and at ease as of late. Refreshing. Solid interview even if it was a bit soft ball.

Publius Nemo said...

Might add it's about time he got some good pitches from a news outlet.

Lori P said...

This is an easy to share collection of important videos and articles on Rick Santorum. He is not suitable for the Presidency. Please share.

I used to defend Santorum as being a nice guy. However,after his betrayal of Mitt and dishonest attacks on Romney, a guy that Santorum endorsed in 2008, he has demonstrated a poor character and a lack of honor. Santorum does not have the skills and experience to be President that Romney has.

How did Santorum become a millionaire within 6 years once he went to DC? I want a leader who does not need the money and just wants to serve. Romney worked for free as Olympics' Chair and as Governor. He was asked to come back and help and since they were broke, he did it at no salary. He also did the same for Bain when asked. Romney has a record of service and trying to solve problems to be admired.

Romney is a giver. Santorum is a taker. Romney can't be blackmailed, bullied, bamboozled or beaten. Mitt Romney is the right choice.