Thursday, February 16, 2012

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Endorses Mitt Romney

Governor Rick Snyder endorsed Mitt Romney today in a Detroit News Op-ed titled, "Mitt Romney is the BEST CHOICE":
A little more than a year ago, Michigan voters put their trust in a businessman to serve as their governor. They were looking for someone who understands the private sector and has a plan for reversing the economic decline that had befallen our great state.

Our reinvention of Michigan is under way, and the future of the Great Lakes State is bright. But our state is not an island unto itself. The American economy as a whole remains in difficult straits. Our next president must understand how markets work and know how to get our nation back on track. Mitt Romney is the man for the job.

Let's start with one important fact. Our country has never elected a president born and raised in Michigan. Mitt Romney was born in Detroit. His father served with distinction as governor. Before that, he was president of American Motors. Mitt grew up with the prospects of the auto industry and of Michigan discussed around the dinner table.

He has deep ties to our state. Mitt understands the challenges confronting Michigan as few Americans do.

Mitt Romney is not a career politician. He stands alone among the candidates, Democrat and Republican alike, with his extensive experience in business, having spent two decades helping to start companies and turn around failing ones. Most important, he has a credible plan for jumpstarting the economy and putting it on the path of sustained growth.
Read the rest of the endorsement HERE.

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Publius Nemo said...

Yet another substantive endorsement for Mitt Romney. I guess critics would have us believe that Rick Snyder is a "Michigan Liberal"? Ask yourselves why Romney has the vast majority of quality endorsements from top republican leaders. Is it a conspiracy to elect Obama to another term? What does Mitt have that garners such support? It's experience, leadership and consistency. Mitt can and will set the stage for economic recovery. That's what he does. Mind you he won't "fix" the economy. He will merley set the stage so the free market and invisible hand can work it's magic once again. But he will balance the budget every year. We've seen him do that. The other candidates have no tract record and we went down that road four years ago.

Anonymous said...

This endorsement isn't owesy either.

Romney had endorsed Snyder's opponent in the GOP primary.

newark hawk said...

Romney's ELECTABILITY is the main reason that he is garnering virtually all the quality endorsements from GOP governors, senators & congressmen.

A strong candidate at the top of the GOP ticket is crucial not only for winning back the White House, but for down-ticket success as well.

GOP leaders are almost entirely united in their belief that Romney is far & away the party's strongest possible presidential nominee.

Anonymous said...

Hes a fucking asshole republican just like the rest of them. Its pretty telling when pornstar Jenna Jameson says she supports him to "stay rich." So long middle-class, it was nice knowing you.