Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is Sarah Palin looking out for conservatives or is she looking out for SARAH PALIN?

I know this post will cause a firestorm and piss a few people off, But quite frankly my dear, "I don't give a damn"

Palin's MO since the GOP primaries began, has been to bad mouth Mitt Romney and then try and convince everyone it's for his own good.

After Romney won NH, she told everyone, If I was living in South Carolina, I'd vote for (the serial adulterer/progressive) Newt Gingrich, just to keep the race going (hahahaha...Yeh..right). When Newt Gingrich won South Carolina, I didn't hear anything from her about keeping the race going when Gingrich went into Florida with a big lead....DID YOU? Of course Romney won that primary big time.

Her TV appearances lately again seem to zero in on not endorsing anyone but to bad mouth Romney with the same spiel about extending the contest. I think you're getting the picture.

This is what I THINK IS GOING ON. Sarah Palin has her eye on 2016. Her goal has nothing to do with conservative values and everything to do with Sarah Palin in 2016.

Evidence.....Where's your evidence...Bosman....How could you suggest these horrible things?

How often (IF EVER) have you heard her talk about Newt Gingrich's or Rick Santorum's records. Have you heard her talk about Newt's family values? Rick's love for earmarks and unions? chirp...chirp...chirp... I didn't think so.

Here she is with Chris Wallace:

First, on Mitt Romney (fast forward to the 5:38 minute mark):

Second, on Rick Santorum/Newt Gingrich (fast forward to the 8:05 minute mark)

...very complementary and then says...."I'm not going to go into their negatives" she doesn't mind bad mouthing Romney though, Does she?. Santorum and Gingrich get a pass.

IMHO, Sarah knows that Mitt Romney has the best chance of defeating Obama. This of course is not in HER BEST INTEREST. What would she do for the next 8 years?

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Teemu said...

Here is good article from John Ziegler, who until recently was one of the strongest defenders of Sarah Palin:

John Ziegler: Does Sarah Palin Want Obama to be Re-Elected?

Anonymous said...

What would she do for the next 8 years?

Cause more trouble. Apparently, that's all she's good for now!

I don't know who is worse, Rush or his little gal.


Anonymous said...

But anyway, Bosman. I think you are right. Palin was fairly quiet for a long time, and now all of a sudden she has a lot to say? She knows no one else had a shot but Romney.

She is most definitely NOT the principled conservative she claims to be. As I said from the beginning, she's a fake. I'm sorry if that bothers some of my friends here, but it's the truth.


Anonymous said...

Sarah is all about Sarah. She is FUMING!!!! She thinks she should be President. She wants to be President more than anything on earth .... it is also killing her inside because she knows she never will be President.

Sarah.... there are 2 simple reasons you will never be President. 1. You simply lack the likeabilty factor. Santorum and Gingrich also suffer from this shortcoming as well.

2. Sarah ... you are not qualified to be President.

Doug NYC GOP said...


Of course Sarah (and Rush, Levin, etc.> want Obama re-elected. If Romney wins the White House, Palin becomes a comical political footnote, while the radio clowns become backbencher defenders.

If Obama wins, then they have a Liberal Boogey man to scare their base into delivering higher ratings and presumably enough time for Palin to try and rehab her image.

We'll hear all the lofty talk about how she delivered 2010, worked tirelessly for conservatives during 2012, how she has been Reagan-like, working on policy in the downtime.


Rush, Levin and HAnnity have been pining fpr Palin since she walked on stage and they realized they a wind-up doll they could promote and control.

Now I hope Romney wins for three reasons:

1) To fix the country's problems.

2) Beat the Libs and Dnc, which is always good.

and now...

3) To win without owing a damn thiong to these truth twisting, self-centered "patriots" who are nothing but slick, poliitcal oppurtunists.

It will be sweet indeed.

Palin needs to stay home, raise her family and brush up on Paul Revere.

larry said...

Thank you for posting this. It needed to be brought up, but no one was doing it.

Obviously Palin has endorsed. She's endorsed ABR and is getting a pass on the media as to it not being a real endorsement.

The liberal media and Fox know right well what he game is and someone has finally called her to task.

It's Palin in 2016 and nothing more.

Ohio JOE said...

"IMHO, Sarah knows that Mitt Romney has the best chance of defeating Obama." That may have been the case before the Romney meltdown, but that is no longer so. The electability argument for Mr. Romney is all, but gone.

Anyone But Sarah in 2020 said...

Ohio Joe<

"The electability argument for Mr. Romney is all, but gone."

That's what we heard when Cain, Perry, and Gingrich were up in the polls.

Teemu said...

MSM has given a free ride to Santorum, gone after Romney at every oppurtunity, and most of right wing media is supporting Santorum and blasting Romney, and still Santorum does worse against Obama than Romney in every poll except that single Rasmussen poll, after which the newer Rasmussen polls have shown Romney do better.

So yes, considering these facts the electability argument is still there.

Ohio JOE said...

"That's what we heard when Cain, Perry, and Gingrich were up in the polls." Bingo, and we also hear that when Mr. Romney was up in the polls.

"MSM has given a free ride to Santorum, gone after Romney at every opportunity," What fantasy-land!

Mo Spin Here said...


"Bingo, and we also hear that when Mr. Romney was up in the polls."

You can try and spin this all you want.

The others have taken turns challenging Romney on electability. Romney ALWAYS has returned to that spot as the others have faded.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe.

I don't know why you keep talking about the Romney meltdown. I do not see any melt down..nothing that can compare to Sarah Palin quitting her job as Governor and then sitting up shop as a supposed Kingmaker..and look how that has turned out. One loser after another.

I think Sarah Palin is looking out for herself and I also think Romney has a lot better chance of becoming President than she does.

So go on yapping about the non existent Romney meltdown while you continue to delude yourself as to the real nature of Sarah Palin.

Terrye said...

And no, the electability argument for Romney is not gone..he still has a better chance than the bimbo, the libertarian, the dirty old man and the screaming religious fanatic.

Terrye said...

And you just wait until conservatives get the details of this man's voting record..and I am not talking about some evil negative campaigning here..I am talking about a guy who not only did not vote for Right to Work he did vote for earned income tax credits for illegals who had not gotten their citizenship..

Machtyn said...

There is one more option you missed Bosman. Sarah thinks she could win a brokered convention. THAT is what she is really angling at.

The 2008 GE she, as VP candidate, was pitted against Obama, The Presidential candidate. Instead she got had to go against the buffoon Biden... AND SHE GOT WORKED!

I suppose she thinks she's smarter and wiser now. I think she is. But she still stays in her echo chamber with softball questions from a friendly cast of interviewers where she gets to parrot the talking points of others, such as Erickson, Levin, Rush, et al., and is never really challenged on her point of view.

Ohio JOE said...

"And no, the electability argument for Romney is not gone." Feel free to keep you head in the sand.

"Sarah thinks she could win a brokered convention. THAT is what she is really angling at." Hello, Mrs. Palin will not even be a candidate at the brokerage convention, we are stuck with only 4 candidates.

Ohio JOE said...

"Romney ALWAYS has returned to that spot as the others have faded." So has Mr. Santorum, so your point is????

Right Wingnut said...

Mitt is now toxic with the general electorate. We now have about a 1/2 dozen polls that show him at anywhere from 29-34% favorable vs. 49-57% unfavorable.

I've long been opposed to Romney's nomination for a number of reasons, including the liklihood that he wpuld get trounced in the general election. The data now backs that up.

Anonymous said...

Mit is 'toxic'? LOLOLOL. I am now proudly the Anti-rick voter out there!


Ohio JOE said...

I would not say he is totally toxic, but Americans are looking at him more critically now and are less quick to go along with his non-sense. Although his meltdown is mild compared to Mr. Gingrich.

Anonymous said...

here's ricky's 'overflow' crowd.

lolololololol. I guess it's all in how you see it.

Machtyn said...

If Romney is toxic, so is the GOP. The Republican party is dying a death of a fractured base.

Machtyn said...

OJ, I know you are smarter than that; unless, of courze, I am wrong. At a brokered convention they can choose whomever they want.

Anonymous said...

I have had a change of heart toward Sarah Palin. I think that she is absolutely perfect; I wouldn't change a thing about her.

Her screeched incoherent hyperbole, her Mangling of syntax and grammar, her incomprehensible mutilation of historical facts all have helped to paint the GOP as the feckless troop of oily hucksters that they are. Only a pack of incompetent lying conman buffoons like the GOP could not only have Palin as a spokesperson, but seem to STILL hold her in great esteem.

I am in awe of her ability to continuously fleece her brainless flock. I guess it takes a woman of scant intellect to be able to understand the vapidity of her slobbering peawit fans. How she is able to get them to continuously, and willingly, donate the last of their meager resources to her when such donations are about as effective as flushing money down the toilet is a source of much wonderment.

Likewise I heartily applaud her continued presence on FauxNews. Her caustic, venomous stream of unconsciousness screeds regularly confirm the status of FauxNews as nothing more than a hawker of preposterous, fetid, hopelessly biased GOP sewage which the right wing sheeple heartily lap up. While the brain dead devotees of FauxNews stick their noses in the trough and sup hungrily upon their malodorous diet of noxious excreta, the rest of America watches in disgust as this shrieking harpy of irrational boilerplate tripe basks in this miasmatic cloud of partisan filth.

I applaud Sarah Palin for helping make this nation a better place. I offer her up a hearty "Brava" and ask her to continue doing her nation such a valuable service. You see, if Sarah Palin was not such a moronic clod, such an ignoramus, such a shallow, petty, small minded, provincial, vindictive, cretinous buffoon - and one whose star status within the GOP is secure - then the GOP could make a more plausible claim to be a reasonable and viable political party. However, with Sarah Palin as one of their more visible champions, that scenario is rendered absolutely unimaginable. Thus, Saran Palin becomes - albeit inadvertently - one of President Obama's greatest assets.

I salute you Sarah Palin.

God bless Sarah Palin. Long may she wave.


Ohio JOE said...

"At a brokered convention they can choose whomever they want." Yeah, after various ballots. Do you really think that Romneyites, Santorumites and Gingrichites are going to abandon their various camp leaders on the first few ballots and go for a White Knight? That might be nice, but it is not realistic.

Machtyn said...

OJ, having watched the intro of Sarah's CPAC speech, I do think that the ABR crowd would drop Santorum and Gingrich, and a number of Romney supporters would do the same if Palin were to throw her hat in the ring.

Even the Frenches from EFM are fond of her. I don't begrudge their friendship. In my reality, Palin would motivate the Left to actually come out and vote. They are that afraid of her. Otherwise, they are far more likely to sit on their hands on election day.

Feel free to "reject my reality and substitute your own."

Anonymous said...

Machtyn, I don't think the left is the least bit afraid of Sarah Palin. They would give their right arms to have her as the nominee. She is great fodder.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Martha....a contest between Obama and Palin would be a cake walk for the president. I see absolutely no fear of Palin from the left, independents and most of the right. Most people see her as a clown who's always good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, did you call Mitt a moderate, or even a liberal?!

You were a much more moderate governor in your red state than Mitt was in his extremely blue state.

Unfortunately since you are not running, we won't go over your record with a fine toothed comb to prove how moderate and even liberal you really were.

But we can start with ACES - your windfall profit tax on big oil, that made you blush with pride when Obama praised it.

Too bad it's killing the oil business in Alaska. But hey, it sure worked to get your poll numbers up! And we're not even going to mention how you threatened GOP lawmakers to pass it.


Anonymous said...

Sarah is not sweet little innocent Miss Conservative. She knows exactly what she's doing with this Romney bashing.


Anonymous said...

Palin has overall been negative for the Republican party. It was just assumed she would run this year for the presidency and be thee presumptive nominee. This kept a lot of good candidates from joining the race. Why enter when Palin would win the nomination?

Had she announced her non-candidacy earlier, insted of stringing her supporters along, other candidates might and oould have joined the race. The timing of her last second announcement made it pretty much impossible for others to consider a candidacy.

It was obvious, to anyone but her supporters, that she was stringing them along. She had no intention of running, and the stringing along part was a must to keep her cash flow coming. How did she get out of that? Tire out her supporters' hope and have them figure out she wasn't running with the long wait for her candidacy. That way, they wouldn't be so mad at her.

Sarah's all about herself.

Anonymous said...

Sarah has always been and always will be about Sarah and how much money she can con her sick base out of.

Anonymous said...

So tired of Sarah. She claims to know what's best, so why, why, why,why......................didn'tshe run for president?

Anonymous said...

Starting with the ill-fated McCain-Palin ticket of 2010 and up to the present, Sarah Palin has served as my personal litmus test for whether or not someone I’m listening to is a discerning judge of character. My test goes like this: If you can’t see through Sarah Palin, you can’t tell when you’re being conned by an attractive politician who tells you what you want to hear. As a consequence, your judgments about political character (and likely a host of other issues) are suspect.

That may sound harsh, but it reflects how strongly I felt from almost the beginning that Sarah Palin is an opportunist. To this day she remains the “maverick” John McCain’s curse on the Republican Party. A shrewd political observer in Alaska told me at the time Palin was nominated, “She eats her elders.” She’s done it in the past, she did it to McCain, she’s trying to do it to Romney, and she will eventually do it to Ailes, Limbaugh, Levin, and any other promoter (especially an older male) if/when he ceases to be useful to her.

The question is, what IS useful to Palin? What is her goal? I don’t know and I don’t care, because I’m convinced she will never run for president. It’s all a con job on the media and her sycophantic fans. Palin thrives on chaos and attention. She wants to pick her own fights, control her own schedule, and say whatever she pleases whenever she pleases. Also—and I don’t begrudge her this at all—she wants to be very rich. The presidency would get in the way of all these things or put them on hold for way too long. Palin is not patient enough to defer these gratifications in order to run for the sober, deadly serious, all-consuming job of the presidency.

Finally, Palin is squarely middle-aged. Visually speaking, time is far kinder to male politicians than to their female counterparts. Enough said.

BTW, reading the comments on Bosman’s provocative post has been the most entertaining thing I’ve done all day. Special kudos to the substantive comments by Doug NYC GOP and Anonymous d.d. (at 9:56 am). I’m not sure if the latter is semi-sincere or totally satirical. Given the high quality of the writing, I sure hope it’s the latter. I’m not a GOP party loyalist, by any means. But it will take a lot more than a celebrity like Palin to destroy the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Correction to Anonymous' post at 12:55 pm. The ill-fated McCain-Palin ticket of 2008--not 2010. It just feels as though it's gone on forever!

Ohio JOE said...

"She knows exactly what she's doing with this Romney bashing." And you know exactly what you are doing with your Palin bashing.

Ohio JOE said...

"I do think that the ABR crowd would drop Santorum and Gingrich, and a number of Romney supporters would do the same if Palin were to throw her hat in the ring." With respect, that is not reasonable. Unfortunately that have a duty (for the most part) to back Mr. Santorum, Mr. Romney or Mr. Gingrich instead of Mrs. Palin or anybody else.

Anonymous said...

OJ, I've restrained myself about Palin for months now. I figured there's no point in ticking you guys off around here anymore. But I have not changed my opinion of her one iota. She is exactly who I thought she was from day one. She proves me right almost every day.

Sure, she did actually learn some policy, and for that I gave her credit. But she is still the destructive force she was from the beginning. It's all about Sarah. She had no problem leading you all around by the nose for years, in hopes of a run. Now she's playing the wait until 2016 game with you.

And she's trying to blow up the GOP, JUST LIKE I SAID SHE WOULD 2 years ago.

I agree with anon at 12:55 completely. It's easy to peg Palin for what she is, and those who don't or can't, I really wonder about--to put it nicely.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon..12:55 my comment is satirical....written from the "fire in my belly" created from my disgust of the lying quitta from Wasilla who will never sit in the oval office.


Anonymous said...

The fact is this... Romney will never be President because he doesn't have the persona to beat President Obama in this modern/present time.


I said months ago that Romney should have reached out to Palin to secure this thing... and he should have.

Since Romney cannot beat Obama then I say... might as well wait for 2016... if not for Palin then at least for a credible candidate other these three blind mice.

Honestly ask yourselves, why didn't better candidates run for President? Other than Romney, none of the candidates had a shot. Maybe Perry before anyone knew how incapable he actually is but why didn't Jindal or Christie or Daniels or Barbour run? The fact that Santorum is even doing nearly as well as he is is because the base does not trust Romney(for valid reasons or not)

As a Palin supporter, I'm not mad at Bosman for this post but if there is a brokered convention, Palin might not have to wait for 2016... after all Alaska votes first at a brokered convention... JK


Anonymous said...

Its just amazing how these palin worshippers actually believe that Palin could beat Obama. How sad. They would drink poison if she told them too.

Anonymous said...

While she definitely has strong support from her ardent followers, she has zero chance to win a general election. She lacks leadership and executive experience. She has no real substance, she is merely someone who has endeared herself to a limited group of individuals. She knew this and this s why she did not attempt to actually run. Now we are supposed to give her a pass to the nomination? The notion of having a brokered convention is far-fetched to begin with, the notion that she would waltz in and save the day is even more far-fetched. Someone needs to tell this individual to check her ego and leave it a the door, her 15 minutes of fame are over.


Anonymous said...

Persona? What persona? Are you seriously implying that the incumbent has the persona to portray himself as a leader who inspires confidence? Not even close! Romney does not need to have the persona of one who is a leader and inspires confidence, he has already lived this role in real life. He definitely has what it takes to defeat the incumbent. He will shred the incumbent in a debate because he has real substance rather than rhetoric behind him. He is by far the most qualified candidate and others recognized this, which is why they chose not to enter the race. And it is delusional to think she had the clout to warrant having the candidates come to her for any reason. Why would they? She isn't the answer to lead our country, she is simply grandstanding. The fact she is continually attacking the one candidate with the electability and infrastructure to defeat the incumbent speaks volumes about her real agenda. She is a coward for not getting into the race from the beginning to avoid scrutiny and she is an ever bigger coward to attempt to get in through the back door. I find her tactics deplorable, she has no business in this election cycle.