Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Club For Growth: Ron Paul's claim that Santorum is a BIG GOVERNMENT Conservative was MOSTLY TRUE

H/T The Competent Conservative

The verdict is in on a claim that Ron Paul brought up about Rick Santorum's record at the ABC News debate back in January, calling him a BIG GOVERNMENT Conservative. Here is the exchange:

The verdict: MOSTLY TRUE
Analysis: During a particularly touchy exchange at the ABC News debate, Paul attacked Santorum for being a “big-government, big spending individual.” To back up this claim, Paul offered four substantive examples: that Santorum voted to raise the nation’s debt limit five times, that Santorum voted against “right to work” laws, that he voted for No Child Left Behind, and that he voted for the Medicare Prescription Drug benefit.
Research shows that all four substantive allegations against Santorum are true. Santorum did indeed vote to raise the debt limit five times. (Source: Senate Roll Call Vote #54, 2006Senate Roll Call Vote #213, 2004Senate Roll Call Vote #202, 2003Senate Roll Call Vote #148, 2002Senate Roll Call Vote #209. 1997)
Read the rest of the verdict HERE.

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