Thursday, February 23, 2012

CNN/Arizona GOP Presidential Debate (FULL VIDEO February 22, 2012)

The Full Debate:

The Debate broken into segments:

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frozone said...

What a yawner. No more debates, please. At least not until there are only two left.

Rick Santorum said...

Better watch your mouth, Frozone, or you will become my next victim.

Machtyn said...

frozone: And one of those two are Obama.

The other, I hope and expect, would be Romney, of course.

Anonymous said...

Comments should not impersonate Rick Santorum. Thank you for posting the full debate. Debates don't have a single winner. All 4 Runners for the GOP candidacy WIN National TV and Internet exposure which Republicans, Independents, and Democrats and the TV News media and ultimately allows the Runners to speak directly to the people of the USA.