Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 Michigan Newspapers endorse Mitt Romney

The Detroit News:
State Republicans should go to the polls Tuesday with two missions: Pick a presidential candidate capable of leading this nation to prosperity and stability and choose a nominee who will give the GOP a fighting chance of defeating President Barack Obama this fall. On both counts, Mitt Romney is the best choice in the Michigan primary.

On leadership, the Michigan native and former Massachusetts governor has the strongest resume of the four remaining Republican candidates. He has not only successfully run a state, but also has deep experience in turning around private companies. America today is the ultimate turnaround project.

Romney has a refreshing free market vision for restoring the nation's prosperity. He sees a return to our entrepreneurial roots, freeing individuals to reach for their dreams, take risks and strive for gain with minimal government encumbrances.

He would reverse the rush toward a government-controlled economy and allow the free marketplace to do what it has always done — pull the nation back to its feet.

His focus on the campaign trail has been on job creation. That's an area where he has considerable credibility, having created thousands of jobs as a partner with the private equity firm Bain Capital. While at Bain, Romney helped revive failing companies, rescue businesses from bankruptcy and save jobs that would have otherwise been lost to mismanagement. Count Ann Arbor's booming Domino's Pizza chain as among Bain's most notable success stories.

Romney knows how government policies affect private sector decision making. He understands the consequences of actions that raise business costs. And he gets that business is not the problem in America — a bloated and wasteful government is. He knows how to encourage the former and deflate the latter.
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The Kalamazoo Gazette:
The question is do Republicans want a fighting chance to win in November?

If so, then the choice in the Republican presidential primary on Tuesday is obvious: Mitt Romney.

While it is apparent that many Republicans remain lukewarm to the businessman and former Massachusetts governor, he is the party's only viable choice. He brings to the campaign a strong background in business and political experience that speaks to a needed ability to work across the aisle.

That history of moderation should actually be one of his selling points, and we disagree with the Romney detractors who criticize the candidate for the work he has done with members of the Democratic Party, such as his efforts on healthcare reform in Massachusetts. We are bone tired, dead tired — tired, tired, tired — of political intransigence that seems to mark every discussion in Washington. As we look toward November, we will seek a candidate committed to finding solutions that involve compromise.
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Oakland Press:
Michigan Republicans will finally have their say about which of the four candidates still in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination would be the best choice to face President Barack Obama in November.

Of the four candidates -- Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul -- we believe Romney is far and away the best candidate, and not just because he is a hometown favorite.

While there is no denying that Romney grew up and went to school only a few miles from The Oakland Press offices in Pontiac and also happens to come from one the state's leading political families, we also believe he has earned the votes of Michigan's Republicans.

In recent months, Romney has proved to be a diligent and tireless campaigner during his quest for the presidency. He has also demonstrated resilience in the face of the adversity and surprises that have cropped up during what has been a surprisingly bruising campaign. Long ago, he showed that he understands economics and has a talent for organization, which will stand him in good stead should he occupy the Oval Office.

Romney’s opponents have attacked him for being a moderate. However -- unlike Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul -- we believe moderation is a virtue, not a vice at this delicate juncture in our nation's history.
You can read the rest of the endorsement HERE.

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Maribel said...

Would love for Michigan people to wake up and stand behind their local boy. Mitt Romney is the clear choice. He is a proven leader with a good turn around record. He is a good man and one who has integrity. If Michigan will not vote in his favor, they might give Obama 4 more years and that is something we all cannot stand. Obama has failed so he has to go. Romney is by far a cut above the rest. He has no baggage and no surprises come November. He is actually leading Obama by 4% today according to Gallup. Mitt is the man. I would love for him to be our next president.

Maribel said...


Anonymous said...

And again, A united Republican vote is the only way to win this, defeat Obama and get our country back. This is not the election to try and make a point. Every 3rd party vote is a vote for Obama. Only one GOP candidate can win. All the rest are taking votes and giving them to Obama. We must get Obama out of the White House. With the damage he has already done to our country, our freedoms and our standing in the world, we will not survive another 4 years of his assault on our beloved America. If you love America, Stand together to Save Her. If Obama wins another term, you will not recognize your country soon afterwards. And we will never have this chance again.

Anonymous said...