Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Barack Carter or Jimmy Obama? Same difference. Both will be one term presidents.

There are uncanny similarities between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. Both surged to office on the backs of compromised republican presidents. Both promised hope and found themselves unprepared and over their heads. Both had terrible economic policies that slowed growth. Both had an Iran problem. Both apologized for America. Both made us weaker. Both failed to lead. And both will be one term presidents.

Their excuses are similar too. Carter gave his infamous malaise speech and pushed blame on the American people saying we had a "crisis of confidence". Barack Obama made his own malaise speech on September 29, 2011. "This is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn't have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track." Both Carter and Obama conveniently forget where the buck stops. The plaque on their desk must read, "It's not me. It's you."

Romney is in good company. The democrats tried to brand Reagan a liar and a thief too. Good luck!

The attacks used by both Obama and Carter are similar but we can expect a much more belligerent and underhanded campaign from Mr. Obama, after all, that's the Chicago way. Carter called Reagan an ineffectual movie star that cared little for the poor. They accused him of being too tough on the Soviets and China. They criticized him for his record as governor of California. They called him a traitor for having left the DNC. They said he was too "from the hip" to be president.

In the face of his stunning victories this last week the media and President Obama have hurled similar attacks at Mitt Romney. Like Jimmy Carter they know they can't run on their record this year so they want to label the former governor. They can't say they have been successful so they attack him personally. Tonight Fox News dug up Michael Dukakis, arguably one of the most liberal democrats, to bad mouth the front runner Mitt Romney without a counter point view. Dukakis is the guy who wanted to raise taxes to build a welfare state. This was the guy that wanted to scrap aircraft carriers for homeless shelters. Mitt Romney wants to build an even stronger military than we have today. Mitt Romney wants to cut taxes and slash government. Of course Dukakis hates his guts! Could they have found anyone who is more contrary to conservative republicans to weigh in on a GOP primary? So much for fair and balanced. In fact recent studies show that Romney has received more negative coverage than any GOP candidate and Fox News was the overwhelming anti-Romney outlet.

While some want to label him a moderate or more ridiculously, a liberal, Mitt Romney will cut, cap, and balance the budget. He has done it before and he will do it again. He will issue wavers for Obama Care on day one and work to repeal it entirely. He will enforce immigration law and protect the borders. He will cut taxes. He will increase the military's capacity to respond to threats. He will shrink government. He will open new markets for American products. He will make China tow the line and follow fair trade practices. He will end corporate bail outs. He will discard regulations that hamper businesses and investments in the U.S. He will grow energy independence with pipelines and drilling. He will protect freedom of religion. He will appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court. He supports overturning Roe v. Wade. If that isn't a Reagan conservative I don't know what is. He is an outsider having never worked in DC. He owes no favors and is beholden only to the voters who elect him. Lastly, Romney appeals to the middle because he presents the conservative cause in a genteel manner that many centrists relate to. He has won big in New Hampshire, Florida, and now Nevada. While the media and the democrats continue to besmirch him he is marching on to the convention picking up big wins and majorities in more and more contest.
Similar to the attacks against Reagan, Romney has been criticized for having run for office. After gracefully bowing out he threw his weight and energy to his rivals for the greater good of the party and cause like Reagan did on several occasions.
Like Reagan, Romney will be demonized by the DNC, the media, and President Obama. But like Gingrich says, it just a bunch of "pious baloney."

There are big battles to be fought but the Romney campaign has proven it is up to the challenges. President Obama will fight for his job harder than he has fought for ours and the media will continue to be intoxicated by his social agenda and celebrity. They will attack Romney as a rich out of touch weirdo. An ineffectual calculating robot. They will try to label his consistent and gradual journey to more conservative positions as flip flops. They will attack his leadership at Bain Capital. They will attack his SLC Winter Games tenure. They will attack his success and wealth. They will attack capitalism and meritocracy. They will attack his faith. They will attack him like they attacked Ronald Reagan. We are about to see the nastiest campaign since the civil war. But the votes will be counted and a new day will dawn. Unlike the President who wants to "fundamentally transform" the United States, Mitt Romney has promised to "restore American greatness." Instead of apologizing for America Mitt believes, as did Lincoln, that "America is the last best hope on Earth."

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Terrye said...

At least Reagan did not have to deal with socalled "true conservatives" who worked with the Democrats at every turn to undermine him.

Slick-Willy said...

Even despicable Redstate calls Santorum a "pro-life statist." The man is a big government type w/strong social conservative bona fides. And more importantly, he's substantially incompetent. He's never led any significant cause or accomplished anything of significance in his life aside from winning a couple of elections.

BOSMAN said...

It's the end of the line with the ABR crowd and look what their settling for. Mr. Big Government and earmarks with ZERO personality

As a lifelong MA resident, Romney ran this state as a conservative while other Republicans that were governor here failed.

dgenetaylor said...

Newt is the white salamander. He's falling by the wayside after enjoying center stage popularity.
Let Rick (never in charge of anything, except committees spending your money) have his 15-minutes; let him hold pace for a few laps.
As we all take a closer comparative look, Mitt Romney will emerge as the clear front-runner that he is. Then the real fun will begin: "Let's get ready to rumble."