Friday, February 17, 2012

Aw Shucks....No Mitt Romney conspiracy after all

I know...I know, the ABR's aren't having a very good day today with a new poll showing Romney tied with Santorum in Michigan....and just look at that Real Clear Politics average for Romney in ARIZONA...and for heaven's sake, now this:
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- The head of the Maine Republican Party says Mitt Romney is still the winner of this month's GOP presidential caucuses following a recount of the votes......
The full story is HERE.

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Publius Nemo said...
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Terrye said...

These people are like Truthers, they won't let the reality get in the way of the paranoia.

larry said...

You're on a roll today Bos!

You've got me laughing so hard today that my side hurts.

Anonymous said...

Keep the humor coming Mr. Bosman.

Anonymous said...

Bosman, you've developed a real flair!


Anonymous said...

Loinhead please tell us more about Stalin, pretty please.

Ohio JOE said...

Wow! Just Wow. The Romney meltdown continues full steam ahead. First the Romney camp acts like cry babies because Mr. Santorum buys a German car. Now they are declaring victory before everybody in Maine even voted. Ya can't make this stuff up.

BOSMAN said...


Do you function in an alternate universe.

In neither post do I see any whining or crying. Although the absence of ABR's might imply a little sulking on their part...Do ya think?

Anonymous said...

Mitt buys and drives American cars. Made in America, by Americans, for Americans. Mitt walks the talk. To save auto industry, by american, not German.

Lionhead said...

No sulking here, Bosman. I do think your post here is a bit premature. Romney will likely retain his "headline" win, but in the end, Paul may prevail.

"State Senate President Kevin Raye, a Republican who lives in Washington County, said after meeting with Maine Republican Chairman Charlie Webster, it’s his understanding that the results of the Washington County caucus will be counted when the results of the nonbinding straw poll are tallied, as that caucus was delayed by weather. Whether the results of other caucuses held after Feb. 11 will be counted, Raye said, is an issue to be decided at a Republican State Committee meeting scheduled for March 10."

So, it does look like there might be a reshuffle of the official total if Washington County votes are factored in. Go here for the local news:

""Kathy Birdsall, the coordinator of the Hancock caucus, said she, too, doesn’t know how the controversy will affect attendance on Saturday. “I’ve heard people say, ‘Well, if my vote is not going to count, I’m not going to come,’” she said Friday. “I assure them that their vote will count, that the results will be reported.”"

So, once again we see Romney depressing the vote count in places where he 'wins.' Do you expect folks to come out for him in November after he dis-respects them? I think not.

In any event, any candidate or party that uses Stalinesque or Chicago style balloteering is dispicable. Parties dis-integrate on moral issues such as this. People can re-unite around a candidate on political issues, but not when immoral acts are committed. It is best to remember this as the campaign grinds on to August.

Lionhead said...

While we're discussing Maine, here's a Romney 'inspired' legislative act in progress:

"Gov. Paul LePage would like to change Maine’s public records laws to shield vast amounts of information from public scrutiny.

Through the state’s Right to Know Advisory Committee, the governor has proposed legislation that would deny public access to mountains of information in his office, including proposals for legislation, working papers and interoffice and intraoffice memos.

The list of exempted information applies not only to records created by the governor himself but also to those created by any employee of the governor’s office.

The language of the bill, LD 1805, is broad and would give great latitude to this governor — and future governors — to undermine public access to important information. That information could include everything from information about the state budget to performance reviews for government programs and activities."

Works for Romney, it should apply to LePage. Right, obfiscating public disclosure is a conservative value.

Anonymous said...

Lionhead, I feel sorry for you, I really do. I can relate to you, too. I was like you, only with Sarah Palin. I still am, just not as much.

Seeing it from the other side has really opened my eyes about how obnoxious I have been! Except with Sarah, I had a point. The stuff you are using is just lame. Sarah at least provided a lot of material.

Good luck buddy. Use this site for therapy, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Some folks on here have their heads so far up Palin's vagina, they may as well be born again.

Anonymous said...

That's crude, anon at 2:57. Please refrain from using body parts descriptions in the future.


Anonymous said...

Everyone here saw the nonsense written complaining that Romney is a dork. How can a Santorum fan claim he's bothered by it? Santorum is the consummate dork. I would be surprised that they still show their faces here after that exposure except for how regularly they function like Democrat drones.