Monday, February 20, 2012

Am I missing something? Romney's "home state" is Massachusetts not Michigan



More Facts:

Newt Gingrich lived in and had his political career in GEORGIA
Rick Santorum lives in and had his political career in PENNSYLVANIA
Mitt Romney lives in and had his political and private sector career in MASSACHUSETTS

Yet THE MEDIA keeps referring to the following:

Refers to Gingrich's "home state" as GEORGIA
Refers to Santorum's "home state" as Pennsylvania
Refers to Romney's "home state" as Michigan

Am I missing something?

The media keeps stating that Romney must win his "home state" primary or he's toast.

Well by Santorum and Gingrich standards, Romney is well on his way of winning his "home state" of Massachusetts

Where am I going wrong?

Does that mean that Gingrich must win his BIRTH STATE of Pennsylvania or he's toast?
Does that mean that Santorum must win his BIRTH STATE of Virginia or he's toast?

Then why is it the media singling Romney out and putting so much emphasis on Romney's BIRTH STATE (Michigan) rather than his HOME STATE (Massachusetts)?

I'm confused, Why the double standard?

BTW, I fully believe Romney will take his birth state of Michigan. I'm not so sure Santorum will take his birth state of Virginia or Gingrich will take his birth state of Pennsylvania.

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Publius Nemo said...

You didn't miss anything. It's a joke. You nailed it Bosman. Good work!

Right Wingnut said...

According to Mitt, his "home state" is Michigan. At least that's what he's been telling voters for the past two weeks...."I like the trees and the lakes, blah, blah, blah..."

Unknown said...

Utah may be considered a home away from home as well. California certainly.

Anonymous said...

No way Santorum wins his "homestate". He didnt make the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...never thought of it like that

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. How come the media is getting away with this?

Doug NYC GOP said...

It's his home state only to the ABR crowd to put another in a series of "Do or Die" hurdles in front of him.

Each week Romney, according to the media, has to either make a "All Important Speech", turn in a "Masterful" debate performance or a be victorious in a "Must win" state.

He needs to do this while all Santorumhas to do is stand around in a dorky sweater vest, trying to figure out how to use religion, class warfare and resentment as political weapons.

Where are the hurdles for Santorum?

Oh that's right, he's a "real" conservative and doesn't need to prove himself, per the Talk Radio Truth Twisters.

Good Point Bosman. Keep exposing the lunacy and hypocrisy in this race, as well as it's practicioners, like RWN.

Doug NYC GOP said...

RWN -- I put up any and all of Romney's alleged mis-statements against Palin's any day of the week, month or year.

That is a contest she'd easily win.

But you keep hope alive and do your best to bring about a brokered convention.

ConMan said...

I haven't seen anyone talk about this anywhere. It is a double standard. How is the media getting away with this.

I'm sending the link to this article to Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Someone needs to make this point on national TV.

Anonymous said...

I heard Gingrich last night stating that Romney must win his home state. Why isn't Gingrich required to win PA or Santorum VA?

The media are all hypocrites.

Bob said...

Your problem Bosman is that you're to rationale and that we are irrational times.

Terrye said...

They both start with an M so it confuses the ABR crowd..after all they are not that damn smart.

BTW, the new PPP poll is out. I saw it on facebook. If I remember correctly Santorum's lead has shrunk to 4 from 15..and it ain't over yet.

Santorum is losing steam and Romney is coming back. The only question is whether the fact that Santorum is not qualified to be president of the United States will win out over the people who sit gaped mouth and drooling hanging on every word uttered by Levin, Rush, Laura and the rest of the circus in {ha ha} conservative media.

I used to think conservative media was a good thing for I am thinking that a lot of those folks are only good for themselves and their bank accounts.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

THANK YOU, Bosman. THANK YOU. I've been saying this to myself for days. These sick bastards and ethical misfits are so predictable.

Unknown said...

I think chances are pretty high that Santorum won't win Virginia :-)

Slick-Willy said...

I like the article and it's a good point to make. And Doug hit the nail on the head--this really is all about creating more do-or-die hurdles for Mitt by ABR types. But let's not overlook MI's importance.

Michigan is a very important state for Mitt. It is not his "home" state, but based on the fact that he grew up there and that he surprisingly carried the state by a wide margin in 2008, winning MI in 2012 matters substantially more than most states for Mitt.

If he loses MI it will be a big negative story, which will matter, but less than ABRs think. It will be worse than losing MN or CO, for example. On the other hand, if he wins, it will be downplayed. However, it will be more positive than many ABRs want to believe since Mitt will have overcome a big deficit there.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, Romney is winning Massachusetts 64% to 16% in the latest poll.