Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where the GOP Presidential candidates stand in the polls heading into Florida

Real Clear Politics FLORIDA Average:

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Anonymous said...

Look at what cost Romney SC...his tax returns and Bain Capital, two attacks that should never have been brought up in a GOP race but were because of the desperateness of Gingrich and Perry. In the end it worked, and Mitt gets partial blame because in 2 debates he didnt defend them well, especially the tax return. All he had to say was yes he'll release them in April, except he stuttered through it and seemed unsure. In the end SC was always going to be a hard climb for Mitt, but hopefully he has learned his lesson. Newt has the media to thank for setting him up perfectly with 2 questions that gave him the chance to attack the moderators in both debates and put the crowd on their feet. Either way I predict a Mitt nomination but the Obama team is happy with the outcome tonight as they will either get Newt Gingrich or a bruised maybe bloody Mitt Romney with less money.