Sunday, January 22, 2012

SC Primary Night Speeches from the GOP Presidential candidates

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Machtyn said...

This was a great speech. A speech to define Republicanism as a place for those who believe America is a place for strength of economy and people.

The one exception I take on his speech is when he stated he will tout his private sector experience and not the bills he passed. Why not? Most of the bills he passed where based on Conservative values. The ones he was forced to sign due to veto overrides are easily explained... he was up against a veto proof 85% Democrat legislature.

Did Romney really have a bigger crowd at his party? I do believe he did! (I'm basing not just the number of people on the screen, but the loudness of the crowd and cheers.)

Romney opens with attacks on Obama. Gingrich opens with attacks on the media. Who is Gingrich running against?

Romney bloviates on the potential greatness of Americas future. Obama gives us a history lesson.

Gingrich gets respect from me for giving props to all the candidates, including Romney. He acknowledges he has a major challenge in Florida.

OH PUH-LEEZE!!! He can challenge Obama to 7 3-hour debates, but it is never going to happen. Incumbent prerogative.

Gingrich pulling out the "American Exceptionalism" which I believe was Romney's talking point since 2007.

Attacks POTUS (good) and media (bad). I realize the media is in the bag for the DNC, but still... IF he wins, he will have to work with the media to get his talking points out as POTUS.

Brings out the term, "Anti-Religious bigots". An interesting term considering the exit poll results that show Romney was voted against because of religion (for those where it mattered).

I got 20 minutes in and gave up. For all intents and purposes, Gingrich's speech was also very good. But he has got to figure out who he is running against.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Johnny Cochran? He was a lawyer in the O.J Simpson case, egotistical, big talker and master of twisting the truth.

When Newt Gingrich challenges Obama to Lincoln-Douglas style debates, I think of Johnny Cochran.

Those two, Gingrich and Obama, are just big talkers who can rev people up get them to believe them. It would be all for show, as neither one of them truly believes what they say. Gingrich used to talk about family values all the time--at the same time as having a six year affair. He also boasted that he only has to say the right things and not actually do them.

The conviction that comes through when they speak is from the tenacity and willfulness of making people believe what they say. The only beneficiaries are themselves, not Americans.

America's had a lot of hard lessons from big talkers and should've learned by now how to spot the actual phonies.